Vinny discovers the truth about creepy Tom in Emmerdale as Belle is in danger?
22nd June 2023

There’s just something about Tom King (James Chase) in Emmerdale, isn’t there?

Ever since he returned, the focus has primarily been on reconnecting with Jimmy (Nick Miles), starting work at the vets and his on/off relationship with Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper), which has come with a lot of challenges.

Tom was away from the village for a long time, which meant he’s had to learn about Belle’s mental health issues, being behind bars for Gemma’s murder and tonight, Lachlan was the focus.

Lachlan White is an ex-boyfriend of Belle’s. The murderous, obsessive character put Belle’s life in danger multiple times and in Thursday’s (June 22) instalment of the ITV soap, it became apparent that he’d soon be moved to a different prison.

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As the news started to spread around the village, the likes of Vinny (Bradley Johnson) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) knew that Belle would struggle with the news.

And when Tom discovered that she hadn’t been seen for a while, he set off into the woods with Chas to try and find her.

It turns out that Belle was absolutely fine. She was listening to a meditation app through her headphones, which was why she couldn’t hear Chas and Tom calling her name. She explained to them that a meeting with her therapist prompted her to go back to the woods where Lachlan chased her so she could confront her fear head on.

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Something that concerned Belle was the way Tom was behaving around her. She told Chas that she wanted a boyfriend who treats her normally and doesn’t immediately focus on her traumatic past or her mental health problems – and that wasn’t happening with Tom.

Chas gave her some advice and told her to stop focusing so much on the past and said that Tom most certainly isn’t like Lachlan. He’s just a normal, innocent man, who’s fallen in love.

The chat with Chas seemed to help Belle a considerable amount, but she had no idea that Tom had found Vinny in the street – and he certainly wasn’t happy.

Tom said that Vinny should’ve told him about Lachlan, but Vinny stuck by Belle’s previous words and knew she likes to keep a lot of her past very private.

Tom’s tone towards Vinny suggested that he thinks he avoided the discussion deliberately to sabotage the relationship, but why is he viewing the situation like this?

His behaviour has had us suspicious for a while. Chas paints Tom as someone with no ulterior motive, but the last time the ITV soap introduced a character like that – Nicky (Lewis Cope) – he turned out to be living a massive lie and was secretly working with Caleb (William Ash) to bring down Home Farm.

So, should we be worried?

Is Belle in danger?

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