Vikings: What did Vikings eat? Season 6 stars get a taste of Viking food
1st April 2020

Vikings is now halfway through series six on Amazon Prime and History, and the actors have been keeping themselves busy during the break.In the series, the Vikings enjoy all sorts of lavish feasts, and fans have been wondering what they really used to eat. The stars sat down for a banquet of their own and tried a number of different foods from the Viking period.

Fans of the series will know the Vikings enjoy a big meal and plenty of alcohol to wash everything down.

A number of lavish banquets take place throughout the series, with regular celebrations and gatherings being held in the great halls.

Fans will also be familiar with the popular phrase, ‘Skol’, which is used to express friendship before drinking with companions.

Three of the actors from season six – Marco Ilsø who plays Hvitserk, Alex Høgh Andersen who plays Ivar the Boneless, and Jordan Patrick Smith who plays Ubbe, sat down to try some real Viking food.


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The official Vikings Twitter account posted a video by History of the three actors, saying: “Ever wonder what Viking grub was actually like? Now you can watch some of your favourite Vikings try it, so you don’t have to. SKOL!”

In the video, the actors sit down to try frog, herring, chicken feet, heart, liver, lungs, octopus, pigs head and feet, a whole squid and more.

As Vikings spent a lot of time near the water, fish formed a huge part of their diet, and this went for the people of Kattegat who lived in a port-style town.

The video said: “The Viking diet was a model of efficiency and innovation in a time when cooks had to make the most of some very limited ingredients.”

Vikings were keen hunters and would bring back all kinds of wild animals to eat, including elk and even bears.

Even poor Vikings ate well and had a better diet than an English peasant in the middle ages, with plenty of meat and fish in their diet to keep them strong.

The actors heaved and retched as they tried to stomach the organs of all different kinds of animals, and they did not go down well.

Andersen picks up a herring and says: “I can literally hear the bones breaking in here.” He joked: “We are actors and we pretend to be Vikings, we are not in fact real Vikings.”

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He then picked up a chicken’s foot and said: “You can’t eat this, how are you supposed to?” He licks the foot before retching and putting it back down.

Patrick Smith added: “It tastes like a bouncy ball.” The group then tried heart, liver and lungs. He added: “I’m not going to ask what this is because it looks good, it looks like steak.”

After trying it he made a joke, thinking it was cow’s tongue. He said: “It tastes like a steak that has been sitting in an ashtray, it’s very tongue in cheek.

“This has ruined our characters, I have never felt less Viking in my entire life.”

The one thing they did enjoy was the pig’s head and feet, before they discovered which part of the pig it was.


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As well as meat Vikings lived on a diet of fruit and vegetables and kept animals for milk, cheese and eggs. They also made their bread by hand, using a quern stone and stone tools for grinding the grain.

In the Vikings series, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) were keen farmers and towards the end of her life, Lagertha created a new farming village.

However, the village was raided by bandits and many of the villagers were killed – she managed to slay the bandits but later died at the hands of Hvitserk.

She had been keeping goats and other farm animals and meat would be used to make stews, which they would wash down with ale or mead.

Vikings season 6 will be returning to History and Amazon Prime at the end of 2020

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