'Vikings': Porunn Makes a Shocking Decision
29th January 2021

In the hit series Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) son, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) falls in love with a woman named Porunn (Gaia Weiss). She is a servant in the house of his father when they first meet, and Porunn is reluctant to be open with Bjorn. But eventually the two fall in love and have a daughter together named Siggy. However, while Bjorn is away, Porunn makes a shocking decision.

Who is Porunn?

In Vikings, Porunn seems unsure about Bjorn’s intentions when they first meet in season 2. Bjorn is genuinely interested in her right from the first moment he lays eyes on her. However, Porunn takes a while to open up and trust him. He even asks her to sleep in his home so she’s more comfortable, but Porunn gets the wrong idea and thinks he wants to have intercourse with her. 

Eventually, Porunn warms up to Bjorn and the two become lovers. Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), Ragnar’s wife, sets Porunn free. Although her and Bjorn may have problems sometimes, they deeply love each other and seem to be on the path toward great things together.

Porunn is hurt during a battle with Mercian warriors

In season 3, after training in hopes of becoming a fierce shield-maiden, Porunn accompanies Bjorn to Wessex. In exchange for land, Ragnar and his warriors must fight for Wessex and Queen Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey) in taking over Mercia. Porunn is one of the Vikings who agrees to fight. During the trip to England, it’s revealed that Porunn is pregnant, and Bjorn asks her to marry him.

But during a battle with Mercia, Porunn is badly wounded when a soldier slashes her face in the shape of the letter v with a sword. This leads her to be extremely upset about it, and she gets depressed. She gives birth to a daughter named Siggy, although she admits that she doesn’t want the child. Porunn and Bjorn start to have more problems, and she thinks that he should sleep with someone else, which he does. Things have changed in Porunn, and she decides to make a choice.

Porunn makes a shocking decision

Porunn tries to give up her child to Aslaug to raise. However, Aslaug isn’t having it, and so Porunn makes a shocking decision. She decides to leave Kattegat when Bjorn and the others are away in Paris on the raid of the city, leaving her daughter behind.

When Bjorn returns in season 4, Aslaug tells him that Porunn left while they were gone, but that she will care for his daughter. However, Siggy later dies by drowning while she isn’t being looked after, and it’s a truly sad situation.

As for Porunn, we never hear about her or see her again. It’s unfortunate after what she shared with Bjorn that things ended the way they did. It would have been nice to see Porunn before the series concluded, but it didn’t happen. It’s left up to interpretation about what really happened to her. Fans will never know, and it’s truly unfortunate.

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