Victoria Beckham pokes fun at herself as she cracks joke about 'avoiding carbs and bakeries' after 20-year ban
13th March 2021

VICTORIA Beckham cracked a joke about "avoiding carbs" as she showed off her sense of humour on Instagram today.

The 46-year-old star couldn't resist poking fun at her super strict diet after a friend spotted her initials on a van's licence plate in California.

The tickled fashion designer shared the snap with fans on her Story, proudly pointing out that the plate read: "VB BKRY".

Acknowledging that the second part looks as though it reads "bakery", Victoria cheekily quipped: "Haven't been this close to a carb in ages!"

She also added two crying with laughter emojis, tagging her pal in the photo and adding: "You know me too well."

Victoria is known for her trim figure and she strictly avoid carbohydrates in her uber-healthy diet.

Last August, The Sun revealed that she'd lifted her 20-year no carbs rule to tuck into homemade pizza during lockdown.

A pal told us at the time: "Victoria hasn’t touched a carb since 2001.

“But at the start of lockdown, David started experimenting with recipes — making the dough from scratch and trying various toppings.

"Victoria eventually relented and had a small slice. Things progressed and, basically, she couldn’t get enough of David’s delicious golden dough balls."

However, she showed true restraint when she switched back to clean-eating in time for the autumn.

The mother-of-four has a notoriously strict diet, favouring steamed fish and vegetables, and eating fruits, chia seeds and almond milk for breakfast.

The source told us: "Now that autumn is near, Victoria is back to clean eating, which means no cheesy bread.”

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