Vicky's Coronation Street revenge explained as she plans to make Robert pay for cheating
18th December 2019

CORONATION Street has FINALLY revealed that Vicky Jefferies is in cahoots with Michelle Connor to make love rat Robert Preston pay for two-timing them by framing him for Vicky’s murder.

While a body is yet to be discovered, evidence is stacking up against Robert and he’s been charged with GHB.

How will Vicky get revenge in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street have followed Michelle’s revenge against Robert with her brutally jilting him at the altar before scamming him out of the Bistro.

And now it looks like Vicky is set give Robert his comeuppance too by sending him behind bars.

Vicky is currently in cahoots with Michelle and son Tyler to frame Robert for her death.

Fans will remember a string of fishy incidents ahead of Vicky's disappearance.

It was out of character when Michelle insisted that Robert go over to Vicky’s and scare her away from the ceremony ahead of their wedding day.

The pregnant ex-lover then started hurling mugs at the cheat and making as much noise as possible – deliberately alerting the neighbours.

The scenes had fans convinced Michelle and Vicky are working together to spark Robert’s downfall – and they were right.

However, it's not yet clear how the next stages of Vicky's revenge plan will unfold, and fans will have to tune in to find out.

What did Robert do in Coronation Street? 

Robert weaved a web of lies for months as he romanced pregnant Vicky Jefferies right behind Michelle’s back.

The cheat went to desperate lengths to stop both women from finding out about the other, but Michelle eventually discovered the truth after following the love rat to his flat.

Michelle’s mouth dropped open in horror as she saw his pregnant Irish girlfriend.

It's safe to say that Vicky wasn't a happy bunny either when she discovered the truth about her fiancée Robert.

Where has Vicky been in Coronation Street?

Pregnant Vicky Jefferies disappeared without a trace in the wake of her argument with Robert ahead of his wedding to Michelle.

Tyler then burst into the wedding and accused Robert of murdering his mum, and the police have been on Robert’s case ever since.

But fans were convinced from the start that there was something fishy about Vicky’s disappearance and that Michelle could be in on it.

And it seems they were right as last night’s episode of Coronation Street revealed that Vicky was alive and living her best life in a hotel.

The last moments of the episode saw Michelle arrive at the hotel and reveal Robert had been arrested.

Vicky’s phone then buzzed and Tyler messaged to say that Robert has been charged with GBH.

Vicky said: “Serves him right, the low-life scumbag".

But Michelle looked less delighted – is she starting to feel sorry for Robert?

Is Vicky leaving Coronation Street?

Kerri Quinn – who plays Vicky Jefferies in the ITV soap – has confirmed she’s departing the cobbles at the end of the current Vicky storyline.

After all, it’d be tricky for her to live a normal life in the village after faking her own death.

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