UK championship snooker match randomly interrupted by sex noise
4th December 2018

A UK championship snooker match was interrupted by a sex noise.

Last week, Northern Irishman and reigning Masters champion Mark Allen was competing against Egypt’s Basem Eltahhan in a UK World Championship match in York.

Snooker spectator rules usually require complete silence from the audience while a match is underway.

However, it looks like someone didn’t get the memo during this particular contest, as Allen was put off from taking a shot by a loud moaning sex noise coming somewhere from the stands.

You can check out the awkward video below:

Allen can be seen laughing at the noise and taking a moment before resuming his turn. The audience can also be heard chuckling, obviously amused by the x-rated disturbance.

It’s thought that the noise came from a mobile phone or device, and is presumed to have been some kind of practical joke, flouting the required silence of a snooker arena.

The good news is that the noise didn’t put Allen off his game, as he eventually triumphed with a 6-2 scoreline.

Allen has since criticised the match conditions at the York Barbican, telling the BBC: “The conditions were just dreadful, absolutely embarrassing for the UK Championships.

“The cushions were bouncy, couldn’t screw back, the table was a bit slow and didn’t really lend itself to good snooker. Other than that it was great.”

Wait, really?

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