Tyra Banks Channels Her Toddler Son Into Eve in ‘Life-Size 2’
3rd December 2018

Tyra Banks drew inspiration from her baby boy as she reprised her role as a doll who comes alive in the sequel to her TV movie “Life-Size”.

The supermodel-turned-TV star played Eve in the Disney original back in 2000, and she recently stepped back into the doll’s shoes for a long-awaited follow-up, titled “Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve”.

Tyra didn’t have to work too hard to master her character’s facial expressions for the new film, as she simply had to look to her two-year-old son York for help in perfecting her onscreen appearance.

“It was cool because I’m emulating my son this time, because she (Eve) is so innocent, and so I used a lot of my son in his facial expressions and like, my son is just so expressive, as kids are, and so there’s a lot of him in that (role),” she explained on breakfast show “Good Morning America“.

The fashion icon has been trying to get the “Life-Size” sequel made for some time, but only found a storyline she liked last year (2017).

“So many people have been asking for it (sequel), I’ve actually been working on it for five years,” Tyra shared. “There’s been so many scripts and meetings and redos. (In previous script drafts), Eve was in San Diego, Eve had 10 accents in one, she was a Swedish person but a black girl (in another) – there was all kinds of stuff that we had (submitted), but finally we settled on this.”

In “Life Size 2: A Christmas Eve”, Tyra’s character helps a struggling young toy company CEO named Grace find her strength and take control of her future, and elements of the plot reminded the beauty of actress Amy Schumer‘s hit 2015 romantic comedy, “Trainwreck“.

“Grace is a hot mess,” Tyra remarked. “I was very inspired by the movie ‘Trainwreck’ by Amy Schumer, and she (Grace) is just a mess (like Amy’s character), and Eve comes and says, ‘Claim your name, fight them fights, do you and do great (sic). Stop hiding, stop the pain, get past it…’.”

Grown-ish” actress Francia Raisa portrays Grace in the new movie, replacing Lindsay Lohan as Eve’s human charge, but Tyra reveals fans of the “Mean Girls” star will have something to look forward to when “Life-Size 2” premieres on Sunday, December 02.

“There is some Lindsay going on in here, for the people that are obsessed with Lindsay Lohan, as I am, from the first ‘Life-Size’,” Tyra teased. “I feel like she’s a part of this, even though she couldn’t do this sequel, so we made sure that there’s moments in there that you’ll see a little something.”

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