Top Gear fans left 'in floods of tears' as presenters pay touching tributes to fathers
15th March 2021

TOP Gear fans have been left 'in floods of tears' after the presenters paid touching tributes to their fathers.

The BBC One show returned for a new series last night with presenters Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris.

The first episode featured the trio driving cars their three fathers once owned, such as a 1980 BMW 323i driven by Chris.

Meanwhile Freddie drove a Ford Cortina, and revealed his dad used to sleep in the car on cricket tours during his early career because they couldn't afford the price of a hotel room.

Paddy got behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta and the segment proved to be surprisingly touching for viewers watching at home.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Last night's Top Gear really got me. I am in tears. Paddy and Chris talking about missing their Dads.

"It shows its ok to talk, its OK to be open about your feelings, it's ok to be sad. But its so good to look back on good memories!"

Another added: "That episode of #topgear had me in tears one moment and laughing till it hurt the next! So many dad memories dragged up from 25+ years ago! Great work @PaddyMcGuinness @harrismonkey @flintoff11
Look forward to the rest of the series!"

A third tweeted: "#topgear I did not expect to be in tears about dad cars. My dad had an Austin – can still remember the registration number JME 888B. We went everywhere in that car. Happy memories."

A fellow viewer was equally emotional, writing: "Just spent a good part of my evening crying to @BBC_TopGear ! Was not expecting this for the first episode of the series @flintoff11 @harrismonkey @PaddyMcGuinness
#topgear #dadlife #nostalgia."

Meanwhile, other viewers were distracted by Freddie's new hairstyle.

The cricketer-turned-telly host, 43, had been busy growing his blonde locks into a 90s boyband style.

One tweeted: "Freddie has 90s curtains!! #TopGear" while another added: "Freddie has kindly joined us from a 90s boyband fashion shoot #TopGear."

Top Gear continues on Sunday, March 21 at 8pm on BBC One.

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