‘Too early’ GMB viewers ‘repulsed’ by Ed Balls’ dance moves as Susanna left horrified
26th April 2022

GMB: Ed Balls tries to dance with Susanna Reid

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Those tuned into the ITV show saw Ed Balls and Susanna Reid reminiscing about their time on Strictly Come Dancing as the former Labour MP began to “make moves” towards his co-host. Susanna backed away as she declare: “Less of that!” Good Morning Britain fans took to social media to comment on the bizarre moment, with some claiming it was “too early” to watch.

The moment came when Entertainment Editor Richard Arnold questioned whether Anton Du Beke would join Strictly Come Dancing’s judging panel this year.

“There’s a hovering question mark,” he stated as the show’s theme began to play and he added: “Thank you for that.”

“Yeah, it affects all of us doesn’t it!” Susanna pointed out while she, Ed, Richard and Ranvir Singh began to jokingly dance.

Each one of them have taken part in the competition before, and Richard joked: “All four of us have got PTSD now.”

As they continued to playfully dance, Susanna laughed: “Come on, there we are.”

When Gangnam Style began to play in the studio, referencing Ed’s memorable routine on Strictly, he decided to repeat his moves.

“Oh no, again?” he asked as Susanna remarked: “Oh come on, like you have to be forced to do it!”

Ed started performing some of the famous dance moves but soon turned to his colleague and began lunging towards her.

“I beg your pardon?” Susanna asked as she began to back away from Ed.

Richard commented: “Well, that escalated…” as Ed continued to dance towards Susanna.

“Yeah, I don’t remember that move,” she stated awkwardly. “But anyway…”

“Yes you do, technically it’s called the pony,” Ed explained.

“Right… okay,” Susanna replied. “Let’s move on.”

“Do you know what Ed, even I’m not signifying that with a response,” Richard remarked.

“Yeah, I think probably less of that,” Susanna concluded, looking baffled.

It didn’t take long for viewers to comment on the bizarre moment.

Twitter user @Speedqueenie complained: “It’s far too early for Ed Balls to be putting Gangnam Style ‘pony’ moves on Susanna Reid #GMB.”

@hooray_k posted a GIF of someone gagging, writing: “#GMB #GoodMorningBritain Susanna to Ed right now.”

@SteveB2Notts added: “Ed Balls doing his sexy face is utterly repulsive. #GMB.”

“I’m sorry I like Ed but presenting morning breakfast telly is awkward! @ITV #gmb,” @IANMUSIC25 posted.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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