Tom Cruise leaps from boat to boat in Venice as he arrives on the set of Mission: Impossible 7
20th October 2020

TOM Cruise was back filming Mission: Impossible 7 today – and he certainly seemed to have a spring in his step.

The 58-year-old actor was shown flying through the air as he jumped between boats on the canals of Venice.

Tom was seen in a pair of heeled shoes and a smart suit, seemingly rehearsing impressive stunts for the movie.

The star would have narrowly missed Mel Sykes, who has been acting out more of a romance than an action adventure, publicly kissing a 27-year-old gondolier this week.

Filming for the blockbuster, in which he plays spy Ethan Hunt, was halted in Italy earlier this year amid rising cases of coronavirus.

But he was back on the movie, which has the working title Lybra, pulling off another of his trademark stunts.

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