Tipping Point fans left in hysterics as player gets ‘easy’ bird question wrong
11th November 2021

Tipping Point viewers poked fun at one of the contestants who was left red-faced after a pretty obvious bird question.

Presenter Ben Shephard also had to keep his giggles in as he did his best to get on with the quickfire questions.

Host Ben asked Rianna on Thursday evening: "A silky is a soft feathered lightweight breed of which domesticated foul?"

To which Rianna replied: "A parrot."

Ben then shook his head and responded: "No, a chicken."

ITV viewers at home thought this as rather comical and stormed to social media to comment on her mistake.

One fan said: "That well known domesticated fowl bird, the parrot! #TippingPoint

A second added: "A parrot is a type of domesticated fowl? #TippingPoint"

While a third penned: "The way Rianna said "Parrot" I laughed #TippingPoint"

A fourth tweeted: "Parrot, priceless #tippingpoint"

And a fifth joked: "I’m having parrot and chips for tea tonight….. #tippingpoint"

This comes after the show's fans were left fuming when one contestant said "pass" when asked to name London as a capital city on Wednesday.

Ben, 46, who has hosted the gameshow for nearly ten years, asked Emma: "Ealing, Acton and Chiswick are areas in which capital city in the UK?"

The full-time mum from Derbyshire looked flummoxed. She hesitated before deciding to pass the question.

Fans took to Twitter to express their frustration.

One viewer wrote: "She passed on London – the UK capital city? #TippingPoint"

Another wrote: "God Emma."

Ben decided to question Emma on why she passed the question which he thought might have been an easy one.

He said: "That first question though…" to which Emma started laughing saying, "I didn't know, I didn't know!"

Trying to save Emma's grace, Ben said: "I'm hoping that you didn't quite hear, or weren't really listening? Because you do know that the capital of the UK is London."

"Oh capital! Oh, I didn't hear that. Oh yes – I knew that!"

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV

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