Tipping Point fans distracted by ‘furious’’ player as rival steals huge lead
18th August 2023

Tipping Point fans were distracted on Friday’s episode (August 18) after a player appeared to be furious at his rival player’s success.

Four new players joined host Ben Shephard on the ITV gameshow in a bid to bag some cash on the coin machine.

But it was player Kev, a retired construction manager from Newcastle, that caught everyone’s eye after rival player James stormed into an uncatchable lead in the first round.

After player Jenna failed ot land any money on her drops, James took advantage of her progress in the machine and managed to score £400 on his first drop.

It was even more difficult to swallow for the group as he also landed the double, soaring him ahead with £800.

Not soon after, James took advantage of his team’s hard work in the machine and managed to snag a whopping 12 counters, landing him with another £600.

As James’ score continued to rise, Kev was clearly furious at his competitor’s success, even saying: “you’re not lacking in confidence are you?”

Fans took to twitter to chime in.

“Hahaha look at Kev's face!!” said one fan.

“Kev's fuming, said another, with a gif of an angry red creature exploding into flames.”

“Kev's bloody furious!,” penned a third, while a fourth added: “Kev in the green room after the show,” with a gif of a man with a beer asking “you want some?” and starting a fight.

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