This one-bedroom flat could be all yours for £6k – but it's a bit creepy inside
1st April 2022

Saving up for a deposit on a flat in London?

Why not just use what you’ve got so far to buy a place outright?

That might sound like a wild dream, but it’s very much possible. You’d just need to be willing to relocate… and not be put off by slightly scary interiors.

A one-bedroom flat in Kilmacolm, Scotland, is up for auction for the bargain starting price of just £6,000.

It’s described as a ‘rare’ opportunity to buy in the ‘affluent village of Kilmacolm’, within easy reach of cute coffee shops and a golf club.

And from the outside, the building looks rather impressive.

It’s only when you get to this flat that things get a bit… unsettling.

For one thing, this flat is in the basement. Yep, below ground level. We’ve seen enough horror films to know that you should never, ever go into a basement – let alone live there.

In case that isn’t creepy enough, wait ’til you see the pictures, which have a real murder-y vibe about them.

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The property is unfurnished and needs some major work, so yes, it’s quite sparse, but there are two chairs in one of the room, facing the wall and surrounded by rubble.

The floor in this room is also covered by a big tarpaulin. Mysterious.

In another area, you can spy a little recess in the wall. Who knows what horrors could be hidden away in there.

There appear to be some large bits of wood falling from the ceiling, with one fully on the ground, and loose wires as a bonus.

The video tour shows all this, but with the addition of some heavy breathing from the cameraman. Fun!

Future Property Auctions, who are selling the flat, describe it as a ‘perfect opportunity for a developer’, noting that there are a bunch of services in the building and that recent sales in the area have gone for £118,000 – so the completed development value of this place could be over £100k.

You’d need to put a lot of money into doing the flat up, though – so it’s not quite the deal you might be imagining.

Still, if you are in the market for a project – and would feel no creeping terror hanging around in a basement with wood falling from the ceiling – this could be a great shout.

You can find out more information through the auction’s listing page.

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