This Morning fans distracted as 'hot professor' appears with large bulge in his trousers
1st October 2020

THIS Morning viewers did a double-take at the telly today after a 'hot professor' appeared to have a bulge in his trousers.

James Logan was talking about how dogs could detect coronavirus – but many fans had quickly detected something else.

While some observed politely: "Those trousers are very snug" others didn't hold back.

One joked: "Sorry what was that about dogs? Too busy staring at the professors crotch! 🍆."

A third remarked: "Didn’t realise I’d be looking at a mans trouser bulge at 10am today."

Another laughed: "Can this professor be on every morning? Asking for a friend 😜."

Professor Logan, who was appearing via video-link from the Medical Dog Detention Centre in Milton Keynes, disappeared from screens while another guest appeared.

But when he returned he was holding a paper bag in front of his now-famous trousers – which fans didn't miss either.

One laughed: "He hid his bulge then 🤯."

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