'The Young and the Restless' Some Fans Think Denise and Jack Could Be a Good Match
25th September 2021

The Young and the Restless is full of potential leading men, and fans love pairing them with suitable suitors. Fans of the daytime soap opera have watched Jack Abbott take over and successfully run the Abbott family company Jabot. Although he has had immense success in business, luck hasn’t been on Jack’s side when it comes to love.

Jack began dating Sally Spectra but dumped her after finding out about her deception. Now that the Abbott patriarch is single again and fans have a certain P.I. in mind to help Jack with his love situation.

Fans think Denise would be perfect for Jack

When fans of The Young and the Restless learned about Jack and Sally’s relationship, there was an almost immediate backlash, with a section of viewers terming the romance “a non-starter.” One significant reason that played into the outcry against the relationship was the age difference between Jack and Sally.

Jack and Sally had a 36-year age difference which made some viewers cringe. Others felt that the pairing was a bit off since Jack is well-liked compared to his now-ex. Meanwhile, a section of fans felt like Sally had other intentions for her increased interest in the wealthy bachelor.

Now that ‘Jally’ as fans refer to the couple is over, fans have another lady friend in mind for Jack, the newcomer, Denise Tolliver. Denise arrived in Genoa City as a private detective who uncovers shocking information regarding Amanda Sinclair.

Seeing as Denise and Jack might almost be the same age and Denise is a smart P.I. while Jack is an intelligent businessman, some fans feel pairing them would make more sense. Fans think Jack would work well with Denise, as he needs a woman as smart, ethical, and mature as Denise.

Some fans are against the pairing

Although Jack and Denise have shown a commonality in their hard work and cleverness, they seem to be a mismatch for excellent reasons. Denise is in Genoa City for official business, which means that she might not stick around long enough to foster a solid relationship with anyone, including Jack.

Pairing her up with Jack will mean that they will only have a short relationship before Denise leaves for her job. Some fans seem to agree, with many saying she doesn’t seem to be a great match for Jack, with many fans thinking he needs someone sweet and honest, more so than smart and ethical.

Other characters fans have suggested for Jack

Throughout the show, Jack has shown that he has a specific preference for those he gives his heart to, redheads. His ex-Phyllis Summers was a redhead and his almost girlfriend Sally also had the same hair color. Now fans want to see him with another redhead, Lauren Fenmore.

Lauren and Jack have a history as they briefly dated. However, their romance didn’t go further, and they remained cordial with one another and great business partners. Although some fans on Reddit feel Jack and Lauren might be made for each other, however, Jack made it clear he’s still in love with Phyllis and only time will tell if the two will work out.

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