'The Young and the Restless' Has Way Better Costuming Than 'The Bold and the Beautiful', According to Fans
18th June 2021

The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful have a lot in common. Both shows are long-running soap operas featuring large, talented casts. Both shows have managed to weather serious issues in the television industry, including, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, both The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful feature storylines that focus on the fashion industry. However, for fans, there are some major differences in the way that the fashion choices in the show come across onscreen — and a few fans have been very vocal about preferring one show’s style over the other. 

‘The Young and the Restless’ and ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ both follow fashion designer families

The Young and the Restless debuted on television in 1973. In the beginning, the show focused on two core families, the wealthy and privileged Brooks family and the working-class Foster family. Eventually, other families and characters were introduced — but over the years, The Young and the Restless has maintained its emphasis on fashion and the high-society scene. 

The Bold and the Beautiful is a “sister show” to The Young and the Restless, premiering on television in 1987. The show details the lives and scandals of the Forresters, who own and operate the Forrester Creations. Set in the world of designer haute couture, fans would, in theory, get a front-row seat to some of the hottest outfits in daytime television. However, over the years, many fans have been vocal about the fact that they prefer the costume design featured in The Young and the Restless

Fans prefer the fashion featured in ‘The Young and the Restless’

The Bold and the Beautiful details the lives of a fashion-house family — however, many fans have slammed the show over the years, complaining that the clothing represented isn’t even appealing to look at. Some viewers of the soap opera have taken to social media to say things like “no way it’s a fashion house with the clothes they wear.” Another fan wrote “sure, the storylines are trash as usual, but I’m so distracted by the horrible costuming of every episode that I don’t even notice their dialog. Help them dress better!”

In contrast, fans of The Young and the Restless have had complimentary things to say about the show’s costume design — in particular, the clothes worn by Summer Newman. In recent months, viewers have been praising Summer’s style, calling her a fashion icon. Recently, some fans on Twitter called out Summer’s outfit choices, also noting how Sally’s clothing has been particularly complimentary to her over the past few episodes. 

Who are the stylists for ‘The Young and the Restless’ and ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’?

The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful might be sister shows, but they seem to have very different creative teams, especially in terms of costume design. In 2019, the Emmy Award-winning costume designer and color expert David Zyla became the costume designer for The Young and the Restless. The designer took to social media to talk about his new role, noting “I am thrilled to share that I have taken on the role of costume designer for the multiple Emmy-award winning daytime drama ‘The Young and the Restless.’”

In contrast, The Bold and the Beautiful features Erica Pelosini Leeman as the fashion consultant. A noted designer who has worked on many high-profile projects, Leeman joined the soap opera’s creative team in December 2020. Ultimately, while both shows feature fashion that catches the eye, it seems as though fans really find themselves drawn to The Young and the Restless.

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