The Watcher’s Naomi Watts exposes hidden meaning in finale twist
18th October 2022

The Watcher: Naomi Watts stars in tense Netflix trailer

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The Watcher is the latest true crime series to land on Netflix and shake its viewers to the core. Although the series ended with multiple potential suspects, it was Dean Brannock’s (played by Bobby Cannavale) actions which left fans talking and thankfully actress Naomi Watts explained its hidden meaning. 

The thrilling drama followed the lives of Dean and his wife Nora Brannock (Naomi Watts) after they moved into their dream New Jersey home. 

After three days of bliss, they were suddenly plagued with mysterious letters about their marriage from an anonymous stalker who signed the notes as The Watcher. 

As their nightmare unravelled, the couple accused their eccentric neighbour Mia Farrow (Margo Martindale) of terrorising them. 

However, the final episode saw Dean and Nora attempt to start afresh after moving to New York, but they were still plagued by The Watcher’s true identity. 

During the finale, Dean lied to his wife about his whereabouts as he sat in his car outside the New Jersey home, watching its new residents live happily.

What he didn’t know was Nora was parked behind him, watching him lie about being at a job interview. 

Nora star Naomi stated that “really dark” moment was an “indictment of the American Dream,” which they thought the house would represent. 

She added: “They feel like the house is going to solve their problems, and it ends up being the catalyst that causes a whole lot of new problems that they didn’t anticipate. 

“Now, they’re just trying to figure out who the other [really] is,” Naomi told Entertainment Weekly. 

The finale left a number of questions unanswered including why Dean was travelling to their old home and why he had become the watcher of its new residents. 

Also, what made Nora want to follow Dean? Was she too drawn to the house to imagine what could have been? 

After all, Dean confessed to his wife that he sent their ex-neighbour Mia threatening letters because he was convinced she was the culprit. 

The couple were able to sigh a moment of relief when their private investigator Theodora Birch (Noma Dumezweni) confessed to being The Watcher. 

While she was investigating their stalking case, she fell ill and it was only after the Brannocks paid her visit, did she invite Dean back. 

When he returned the following day, she admitted she was sending the unnerving letters as an elaborate scheme. 

Theodora stated she was furious about losing out on the New Jersey home, which she also wanted because she was paying for treatment. 

Despite the admission, their worries quickly returned during Theodora’s funeral when her daughter admitted her mother had lied to them. 

She had made up the story to provide closure after her investigation failed to reveal who was at the bottom of the letters. 

With viewers also eager to get to the bottom of the eerie case it’s yet to be seen if Netflix will renew the show for a second season. 

As the series is based on a true story, fans could see the investigation take a new direction, however, the real case remains unsolved.  

The Watcher is available on Netflix

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