The Walking Dead season 11: Norman Reedus details ‘change’ to Daryl Dixon
19th August 2021

The Walking Dead will be coming to an end after the premiere of season 11 and, since it first aired on AMC in 2010, fan-favourite Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) has been a key part of the series. As the zombie apocalypse show comes to a close, the actor opened up about how his character has changed throughout the years.

The cast and showrunners of The Walking Dead were recently interviewed for [email protected] 2021.

During the discussion, actor Norman Reedus was asked about his character in upcoming season 11, to which he responded: “I feel like my character, in particular to me, he’s changed in all these different ways.”

The actor explained: “He takes little pieces of all these people that he’s learned from and I feel like if the apocalypse didn’t happen Daryl would be the one that you wouldn’t twitch your hand out and say hello to.

“I feel like he’s morphed in all these different directions because of all these people that have come before him and he’s trying to hang on.”

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He compared his Daryl to “a bad thanksgiving day dinner with every relative you have; you’ve got that crazy loud uncle, you’ve got kids breaking stuff and all the personalities coming together.”

“I think he’s trying to just hold on and keep it together and everybody’s spinning off in all these little tornadoes so I’m curious myself to be honest.”

Since his first appearance in season one episode three, Daryl has gone through significant changes to his personality.

He wasn’t always considered the highly admired leader.

Daryl started off as an impulsive stereotypical thug who survived the outbreak and remained unapologetic about his recklessness.

He would easily become enrage and pelt threats at people.

This was seen in season one when Daryl drew a knife at Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) after he learned he handcuffed his troublesome brother Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) to a roof.

However, as the series progressed he became more comfortable with his group of survivors and more relaxed.

There was occasional flare-ups of his impulsive personality – but he became a real leader in season nine.

Daryl was usually in the shadows of someone else and, as a man of very few words, he would follow the actions of Merle.

Later on, he became Rick’s right-hand man and developed his own voice after Rick’s mysterious disappearance.

This was even noticed by Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in the episode titled Consumed when she acknowledged he had transformed from boy to man.

Season 10 also showed a more sensitive side to Daryl, a far cry from his original personality.

He became more open to expressing his emotions and even accepted hugs from friends.

His romance with Leah (Lynn Collins) also gave viewers an insight into his vulnerable side.

As a selfless leader, he was often seen putting other people’s needs before his own – and his evolution made him a favourite among fans.

Although The Walking Dead is coming to an end, viewers will be delighted to hear AMC have revealed there a spin-off series starring Daryl and Carol as the only two survivors from the original season – expected to hit the screens in 2023.

The Walking Dead season 11 premieres on AMC in the USA on August 22 and will be available to watch on Star via Disney+ in the UK on August 23.

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