The Voice Kids: ‘You’re such a terror’ Pixie Lott hits out at Danny Jones

Emma Willis welcomed a host of talented hopefuls on to tonight’s instalment of The Voice Kids UK but there was one audition that led to Pixie Lott hitting out at the McFly member. 

Taking to the stage, Adi impressed the coaches and the audience with his rendition of a Harry Styles track.

Jessie J kicked off the feedback and said: “I waited to the end because I want to challenge you I’m that coach, I’m the first to be honest and the first to give you a hug.”

Interrupting Danny exclaimed: “You’re not the first to give him a hug,” as he ran on to the stage and embraced the 14-year-old.

The audience and the other coaches could be heard laughing before Pixie joked: “You’re such a little terror!”

She then went on to praise Adi and remarked: “You can have a song and sing the craziest notes and do whatever but if you have no emotions or story telling through that voice it means nothing whatsoever. You have the voice that can make someone cry.”

After his performance Adi revealed that he often sings with his dad who the coaches then invited on to stage to sing with Adi.

Viewers watching at home enjoyed Adi’s performance and took to Twitter to praise the 14-year-old.

One said: “Omg that is beautiful #TheVoiceKidsUK,” and another added: “What a voice #TheVoiceKidsUK.”

“Go on Adi, lad! One of the best auditions, this year! #TheVoiceKidsUK,” tweeted a third.

Another wrote: “Wow, wow ,wow what an AMAZING voice Adi ! Only14 …. @thevoicekidsuk #TheVoiceKidsUK.”

Earlier in the show viewers were left in tears over a nine-year-old’s Peter Pan performance.

Kiera took to the stage and a song from the Peter Pan soundtrack resulting in Pixie commenting: “I have one word for that performance… magical.”

One emotional viewer tweeted: “When you’re sat alone at home on a Saturday night crying at #TheVoiceKidsUK!” 

A second wrote: “Jeez this #TheVoiceKidsUK malarkey has got me in a right tizzy,” and another said: “Oh my how amazing and totally cute is Kiera #TheVoiceKidsUK.”

Meanwhile, it looks like the winning coach of this year’s competition might have already been decided.

After just one round of auditions could be set to win with Jessie close behind.

Bookmakers have revealed the Black Eyed Peas star is favourite to win this year’s series with odds of 6/4.

Alfie and Ava are favourite to win with odds of 2/1 and were selected by will.

Jessie J’s team includes Charley Jones who has odds of 3/1 of winning this year’s competition.

The Voice Kids continues Saturday at 8pm on ITV. 

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