The Undoing fans '100% sure' Fernando is involved in Elena's death – despite him having an alibi
16th November 2020

THE Undoing fans are "100% sure" Fernando is involved in Elena's death – despite him having an alibi.

The American psychological thriller series, which aired its first episode last month, has got a lot of viewers debating on who they think could have killed the salon owner.

The whodunnit series follows the violent murder of Elena Alves, a woman who was found dead in her own salon by her young son.

The latest episode saw Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant), a wealthy oncologist, who was secretly having an affair with Elena, get sent to prison for the crime.

At the time of the murder Jonathan's wife Grace (Nicole Kidman) thought that he was away at an oncology conference in Cleveland, but soon realised he left his phone at home – making it impossible to trace him.

Viewers have speculated on social media that the killer is actually in fact Jonathan's father-in-law, Franklin, who trying to get back at him for hurting his daughter.

But it seems that fans of the series now have their eye on someone else who they think has done it – Fernando Alves (Ismael Cruz Cordova) – who plays Elena's husband.

Many have flocked to Twitter to share their theories on why he's the culprit with one saying: "Grace and Fernando are in cahoots together… Idc. #TheUndoing#TheUndoingHBO"

Another wrote: "Fernando and Franklin are suspicious to me. #TheUndoing"

A third said: "Grace killing Elena is too obvious. I think Elena’s husband did it. He has angry eyes and is a lil too attached to the baby that he knows is not his. #TheUndoing"

A fourth added: "Ok this is one of my many theories. But what if Grace finds out that Elena’s husband actually killed her after he finds out about her affair making Jonathan innocent.

"But Grace being pissed at the fact that he cheated and lied she stays quiet as an act of revenge #TheUndoing

A fifth chimed in: "I’m really leaning towards yes, Grace is going through a complete psychotic break HOWEVER I don’t think she’s the killer.

"I think it was Elena’s husband, Grace’s son (resentful, spoiled young white teen doesn’t want his family broken up) OR Jonathan #TheUndoing."

Another said: "I don’t trust anyone. not Grace, Jonathan, Elena’s husband, not even Dr. Stuart or Sylvia #TheUndoing."

A seventh tweeted: "I can bet my life the boyfriend did it it’s always the boyfriend bro Fernando killer Elena #theundoing."

An eighth added: "Why does Elena's husband keep following Grace? #TheUndoing."

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