The Traitors’ Amanda ‘hurt’ Wilfred betrayed her – but ‘glad’ she was eliminated
21st December 2022

The Traitors star Amanda Lovett has admitted it "hurt" to see fellow Traitor Wilfred Webster turn against her, but that she was "glad" to be banished.

The fan-favourite cast member had to reveal herself as a Traitor after she received the most votes, but she has said she "couldn't have done it" if she'd made it to the final and won the money.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, the mum-of-five said: "For a Traitor to actually go through and win, which is what the game is about, then you have to be a real tough nut.

"I enjoyed the game, the facade, but when you start getting emotionally tied – people are really hurting in there – it's difficult then.

"Everybody's our 100%, everyone was my 100% because I knew they were Faithful. So for a Traitor to go all the way and take the money, well, I couldn't have done it, my mother would have shot me from up in heaven, like, 'I haven't brought you. up to be like that!'"

She told us: "If I'd have gone to the final I could never have sat there with Theo, Maddy, everyone going, 'Great, we're all Faithfuls!' Then, hello, I'm a Traitor and walk away with all the money.

"I couldn't have done that, I'd have said we're gonna share it, and that's not the game.

"I'd have gone home and my children would have asked why I'm sharing it, so I just saved a family argument!"

Amanda was flooded with support on social media after her elimination, with many viewers upset that her fellow Traitor had turned on her.

She told us: "It's a game. I was hurt because I was loyal to him, I always wanted to protect him if someone brought his name up and I always said no way, threw another spanner in the works.

"He used it to his advantage, so it wasn't nice to watch, but he's a lovely person and he played the game, I don't want anyone to hate him."

Amanda admitted she's loving the support on social media though.

She laughed: "I'm a gay icon!

"I've got two members of the gay community who work with me and I asked them, 'Boys, what is the 'gay icon'? Is it good?'

"They said, 'Of course it's good, you're a queen, you're a strong woman!'

"I said, 'Oh I'm taking that, I'm embracing that! Get me a crown!'

"I love that people are loving me and I love that we've made good TV for people to enjoy."

Now, Amanda gets to enjoy the rest of the series as a viewer, but she confessed it has been a hard watch at times – including when she chose to eliminate Theo Mayne.

"It was hard to watch," she told us, "but in the game, that was actually the best point because it was getting so emotional for me after Theo, me having to deflect from Wilf, everyone choosing between Aaron and Theo.

"I went with Theo because I thought he was strong and seeing his heart break just broke mine.

"That following day I thought, 'It's not a game any more.' In the beginning it was fun, I'd tell anyone to go on it, it was like my friends and myself going for a murder mystery night, but the smaller the group, your relationships get stronger.

"They cling to you more and you want that alliance, that protection. People wanted me to protect them and I was a Traitor. I was having to lie to people that I was loving, so it got difficult in the end, but a fantastic journey, what an experience."

The Traitors continues Wednesday night at 9pm on BBC One

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