‘The Simpsons’ Marks 30th Anniversary With First Episode On Fox & FXX Marathon
6th December 2018

“Simpsons, eh? Never heard of it.” Well, Mr. Burns might say that, but any comedy and/or animation fan who has owned a TV in the past three decades knows about The Simpsons, and Fox and FXX are marking the toon’s 30th anniversary with a pair of special events this month.

The FX Networks cable net has scheduled a butt-numbing 15-hour Simpsons marathon on December 16, with 30 episodes handpicked by longtime exec producer Al Jean. Featuring one episode from each season, it kicks off at 9 a.m. and runs through midnight.

Over on the broadcast network, the Christmas-themed first full episode in the adventures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and myriad Springfieldians will air at 8 p.m. “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” features Homer (Dan Castellaneta) trying to earn extra money to buy Christmas presents for the family, but everything he does goes wrong. Fortunately, he is rescued by Santa’s Little Helper.

After debuting as a series of shorts on then-nascent Fox’s The Tracey Ullman Show, that first full episode of The Simpsons aired December 17, 1989. Its Season 30 premiere in September was its “Ay Caramba!”-worthy 640th episode.

Here’s the schedule for FXX’s Simpsons marathon:

9 a.m. “Life on the Fast Lane” (Season 1, Episode 9)
9:30 a.m. “Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment” (Season 2, Episode 13)
10 a.m. “Radio Bart” (Season 3, Episode 13)
10:30 a.m. “Marge vs. the Monorail” (Season 4, Episode 12)
11 a.m. “Cape Feare” (Season 5, Episode 2)
11:30 a.m. “Lisa’s Wedding” (Season 6, Episode 19)
12 p.m. “Treehouse of Horror VI” (Season 7, Episode 6)
12:30 p.m. “Homer’s Phobia” (Season 8, Episode 15)
1 p.m. “Trash of the Titans” (Season 9, Episode 22)
1:30 p.m. “Viva Ned Flanders” (Season 10, Episode 10)
2 p.m. “Behind the Laughter” (Season 11, Episode 22)
2:30 p.m. “HOMR” (Season 12, Episode 9)
3 p.m. “She of Little Faith” (Season 13, Episode 6)
3:30 p.m. “Three Gays of the Condo” (Season 14, Episode 17)
4 p.m. “The Way We Weren’t” (Season 15, Episode 20)
4:30 p.m. “Future-Drama” (Season 16, Episode 15)
5 p.m. “The Seemingly Never-Ending Story” (Season 17, Episode 13)
5:30 p.m. “The Haw-Hawed Couple” (Season 18, Episode 8)
6 p.m. “Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind” (Season 19, Episode 9)
6:30 p.m. “Gone Maggie Gone” (Season 20, Episode 13)
7 p.m. “Once Upon a Time in Springfield” (Season 21, Episode 10)
7:30 p.m. “Angry Dad: The Movie” (Season 22, Episode 14)
8 p.m. “Holidays of Future Passed” (Season 23, Episode 9)
8:30 p.m. “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” (Season 24, Episode 2)
9 p.m. “Brick Like Me” (Season 25, Episode 20)
9:30 p.m. “Treehouse of Horror XXV” (Season 26, Episode 4)
10 p.m. “Halloween of Horror” (Season 27, Episode 4)
10:30 p.m. “The Town” (Season 28, Episode 3)
11 p.m. “Gone Boy” (Season 29, Episode 9)
11:30 p.m. “Bart’s Not Dead” (Season 30, Episode 1)

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