The Sandman ending explained: How did the Neil Gaiman series end?
5th August 2022

The Sandman: Trailer for new Netflix series

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The Sandman has arrived on Netflix and the 2022 adaptation works its way from 1916 to the present day. The series stars Tom Sturridge as Dream, as he attempts to repair his destroyed kingdom. has all you need to know about what happened at the end.


Rose Walker found her brother Jed

Rose (played by Vanesu Samunyai) was introduced halfway through the series as a mysterious Vortex.

She had been searching for her brother Jed (Eddie Karanja) who had been separated from her a few years before.

She caught up with Jed and The Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook) at the ‘Cereal’ convention and realised they were both in danger.

She was able to escape with Jed after Dream arrived to confront The Corinthian.

At the end of the series, Rose and Jed were safe and living with the rest of Rose’s friends.

The Corinthian went into The Darkness

The Corinthian was on a murdering spree in the waking world and was known for taking his victims’ eyes.

He wanted to track down the Vortex and so used Jed to get to his sister Rose.

Just before he tried to kill them both, Dream sent his enemy into The Darkness.

At the end, Dream was seen recreating some of the people he had sent to The Darkness, but not The Corinthian.

Instead, he handed The Corinthian’s skull to Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong) for safe-keeping.

Unity became the Vortex to save Rose

Unity Kincaid (Sandra James-Young) was introduced as one of the children who had fallen asleep for years when Dream was captured.

By the time she woke up, she was an elderly woman who was keen to find out about the life she had missed out on.

She discovered Rose was her granddaughter, and by the end of the series, she realised she was intended to be the original Vortex.

However, as she was asleep, the burden was passed down to Rose.

Unity entered Rose’s dream with the help of Lucienne and said she would take Rose’s place so Rose could live.

Reluctantly, Rose gave Unity her powers, so Unity died and Rose could return to the real world.

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Gilbert was Fiddler’s Green

Gilbert (Stephen Fry) was a mysterious character who liked to keep to himself at the Bed and Breakfast.

However, he formed a special friendship with Rose and often had her back when she needed help.

His identity was questioned when he seemed to recognise The Corinthian at the ‘Cereal’ convention.

When he returned to The Dreaming, it was revealed he was in fact from the same world as Dream.

He was Fiddler’s Green, who had taken on a human form to enter the real world.

Fiddler’s Green is a sentient part of the Dreaming that all travellers dream of finding, and Gilbert reverted back to his true form at the end.

Lucifer declared war with Dream

Azazel is one of Lucifer’s (Gwendoline Christie) co-rulers of Hell and he visited to ask Lucifer to invade The Dreaming.

He persuaded Lucifer to destroy the waking world and the Silver City, and kill Morpheus.

This comes after Dream defeated Lucifer in a duel for his stolen helm.

Fans will have to wait and see whether a second season sees Lucifer go head to head with Dream once more.

The Sandman is on Netflix now.

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