The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea responds to rumour about famous BBC barn
19th September 2023

The Repair Shop: Dominic nervous before revealing restoration

Dominic Chinea has given The Repair Shop fans an insider secret into the infamous barn on the award-winning BBC series.

The BBC show’s metalwork expert took to Instagram to allow viewers to send in their questions about the show.

One fan asked whether or not it was true that he was the person behind making the light-up repair shop sign that appears on the barn.

He replied: “Where did you hear that? Who told you that? Erm, yeah it is true, I did.

“It was before the show even started, it was just a job whilst I was a set designer.

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“That’s exactly the sort of thing I used to do, make, design and build things like that.”

Dominic told fans in 2021 he was told to make a sign as part of his job and didn’t expect to be starring in it further down the line.

He added: “I had no idea it was going to lead to this! I’ve actually made two, up at the museum in the cafe at the top of the hill there’s another one.

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“One that’s on wheels and battery powered so they can wheel it around wherever they like.”

The Repair Shop star told fans that the signs and light-up stars within the barn were also made by him.

During the Q&A session, someone was curious to know what this favourite part about working in the barn was.

Confessing he loves his job, Dominic replied: “This is the only workshop I have ever worked in where there’s such a broad mix of discipline, ceramics, painting, woodwork and metalwork.

“I think my favourite thing about being here is the wealth of knowledge that is inside that barn. There’s a lot of clever people in there.”

Dominic has been the cause of some of the show’s most emotional repairs as he’s worked on bringing guests’ beloved treasures back to life including sentimental rings, childhood gifts and family heirlooms.

Away from filming for the show, Dominic works on his own personal projects in his workshop, often fixing vintage cars.

The Repair Shop continues Wednesday’s on BBC One from 8pm

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