The Outpost season 3 release date: How many episodes are in The Outpost series 3?
1st December 2020

The Outpost: THRILLING trailer for CW network’s fantasy drama

Fantasy drama The Outpost made a return to British screens recently with the show available on the Syfy channel. After first debuting in 2018, the show continues to go strong since then. has the lowdown on The Outpost series three and how many episodes are in the show.

How many episodes are in The Outpost season 3?

Season three of The Outpost initially comprised of 13 episodes, which started airing in October 8 on The CW in America.

Episodes came out weekly on the channel before the show arrived in Britain on Syfy and streaming service NOW TV.

The third outing was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and was originally supposed to premiere months earlier – its predecessors both launched in July.

However, amid the show’s launch on The CW, it was reported the show had been given an additional 13-episode order by the broadcaster.

Here is a list of episodes from The Outpost season 3:

  • Episode 1. For the Sins of Your Ancestors
  • Episode 2. The Peace You Promised
  • Episode 3. A Life for a Life
  • Episode 4. The Key to Paradise
  • Episode 5. Under Yavalla’s Control
  • Episode 6. Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj
  • Episode 7. Go Ahead and Run
  • Episode 8. Dying Is Painful
  • Episode 9. She Is Not A God
  • Episode 10. From Paradise to Hell and Back
  • Episode 11. TBA
  • Episode 12. TBA
  • Episode 13. TBA

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This means, there is a total of 26 episodes in The Outpost season three, making it the longest run to date.

US entertainment site Deadline said The CW said the order was an extension of the third cycle rather than a season four renewal.

Presumably, the new episodes will simply be picking up from where the 13th instalment will finish with a potential cliffhanger.

The Outpost focuses on heroine Talon (Jessica Green), who is the last of her kind known as Blackbloods.

After tragedy strikes and her village is razed to the ground by a group of mercenaries, Talon embarks on a quest to find those who murdered her family in cold blood.

Talon’s destination is the titular outpost and along the way she will encounter much danger which she must face head-on.

In a twist, Talon also learns she has been gifted with special powers which she must learn to harness if she is to defeat her foes.

Episodes of The Outpost are available to watch via NOW TV’s Entertainment Pass, which costs £7.99 per month.

New subscribers can get a seven-day free trial before the subscription starts.

Along with watching The Outpost, NOW TV has a plethora of other TV shows and channels you can watch including programs for Sky Atlantic and FOX UK to name but a few.

The streaming platform allows you to view content on various devices including tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.

There’s also a download function which means you can watch content on the go without a live internet connection.

The Outpost season 3 is streaming on NOW TV now

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