The ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 Soundtrack Will Be Your New Favorite Playlist
12th August 2022


Never Have I Ever is back, and while we’re so excited to see Devi and her friends take on another wild year at Sherman Oaks, there’s an additional highlight: the soundtrack. Throughout the show’s seasons, it has given us some of the best song moments on TV like when “Boys Like You” by Kids at Midnight played in the season 1 finale. Luckily for all of us, season 3 does not disappoint. You’ll want to add every song to your next party playlist, trust us.

Here are all the songs from the Never Have I Ever season 3 soundtrack.

Episode 1: “…been slut-shamed“

“Dream of You” by Josha Daniel

Playing when Devi and Paxton walk into school together.

“Lilac House” by Half Waif

Playing when Devi overhears the girls in the bathroom.

“Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Playing when Mr. Shapiro starts teaching.

“Clementine” by ilo ilo

Playing when Devi and Paxton are making out in his garage.

“Prom” by Riah

Playing when Eleanor and Trent kiss in the hallway.

“Wedding Bells” by Metronomy

Playing when Devi gets that mysterious DM.

Episode 2: “…had my own troll“

“In The Eyes Of Our Love“ by Yumi Zouma

Playing when Devi reads the DM to her friends.

“Gorgeous“ by Yuksek featuring Confidence Man

Playing when the group listens to the list of girls who could be the DM sender.

“Weekend Friend” by Goth Babe

Playing when Fabiola and Aneesa kiss.

Episode 3: “…had a Valentine“

“Pride” by Froyo

Playing when we see Devi’s past Valentine’s Days.

“Not About You” by Haiku Hands

Playing when the paintball game starts.

“Don’t You Know I Want” by slowblood

Playing when Devi and Paxton break up.

“Before the Fall” by afternoon bike ride featuring Ryan Hemsworth

Playing when Devi tells her mom about the breakup.

Episode 4: “…made someone jealous“

“Aubrey Plaza” by Nick Ward

Playing at the start of the episode showing the aftermath of the breakup.

“Right Here” by Mr J

Playing at Trent’s party.

“Light Up The Party” by Skully Boyz

Playing when Devi changes to try to sneak out to the party.

“I Don’t Want To Be Friends” by Rosemary Fairweather

Playing when Devi arrives at the party.

“Hello Goodbye” by Angie Hudson

Playing when Devi sees Paxton kissing Phoebe.

“Pears” by Weston Estate

Playing when Devi and Des return to the party.

“Rear View” by Lanks

Playing when Des and Devi talk in the car.

Episode 5: “…been ghosted“

“Muchas” by Myd featuring Cola Boyy

Playing when Devi checks her phone for a text from Des.

“Hotel Demano” by MUNYA

Playing when Aneesa and Fabiola are walking together in the parking lot.

“Eres Tú” by Carla Morrison

Playing when Devi and Ben say goodnight to each other.

Episode 6: “…had a breakdown“

“Party Like a Human” by General Elektriks

Playing when Ben wakes up.

“2073” by Noir Disco

Playing when Ben is studying at school.

“Rhinestone Summer” by Innocent Bird

Playing when Ben talks with Devi after dropping his classes.

Episode 7: “…cheated“

“I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately” by Goodside

Playing when Devi and Des are on their date.

“Nothing But Love” by Caitlyn Scarlett & Raf Riley

Playing during the different debates.

“Bitter Leaf” by LANKS

Playing when Devi and Des kiss in her room.

Episode 8: “…hooked up with my boyfriend“

“Passion” by RAC featuring Louis The Child

Playing when we see Devi and Des dealing with their moms.

“Feels Right” by Roosevelt

Playing when Des and his friends show up to game night.

“Boxes” by GRAE

Playing when Fabiola and Aneesa kiss.

“Slow Love” by TENDER

Playing when Devi and Des are making out.

Episode 9: “…had an Indian boyfriend“

“Do U Know What I Mean” by marsfade

Playing when Devi is talking to Ben and Paxton.

Episode 10: “…lived the dream“

“Real Life” by Beauty Queen

Playing when Devi and Nalini are visiting the Shrubland School.

“Omens” by Joni

Playing when Ben walks into the art room.

“Car Keys” by Jaguar Sun

Playing when Ben admits to Devi that he’ll miss her.

“Runaway (Instrumental)” by AURORA

Playing when Devi sees Paxton’s family congratulating him.

“Take Off” by Prinze George

Playing when Devi shows up at Ben’s house.

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