'The Manor' Introduces a Nursing Home Horror: How to Watch the New 'Welcome to Blumhouse' Movie
5th October 2021

Welcome to the Blumhouse—it’s got fun and gore. The Blumhouse Productions event is a string of new horror movies for 2021. Among the brand-new chilling films are Bingo Hell (Oct. 1), Black as Night (Oct. 1), and Madres (Oct. 8). The Manor also premieres on Oct. 8, but where can fans watch this chain of flicks?

From The Manor movie’s plot, cast, and release information, here are the details of the nursing home of horrors.

What is ‘The Manor’ movie about?

The Manor movie focuses on a sinister presence that takes over a quiet nursing home. According to Bloody Disgusting, the synopsis is as follows:

Judith Albright experiences a life-changing stroke and moves to an assisted living facility called Golden Sun Manor. She notices odd occurrences and has visions of an evil presence. When several residents suddenly die, Judith tries to warn the staff and her grandson, Josh. But they all ignore her, assuming her fears are from dementia. Now, Judith must find a way out of the frightening nursing home. Otherwise, she will inevitably become a victim of the lurking demonic force.

The award-winning actor, Barbara Hershey, stars as Judith. Although her career spans several decades, she is known for her roles in Black Swan and the Insidious films.

Writer and director Axelle Carolyn spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the inspiration behind The Manor.

“The inspiration for the story came from seeing members of my family in nursing homes, or dealing with dementia. Seeing them change, seeing them in a different environment being treated differently. Besides the fears we all have of getting old, there’s also the fact that nursing homes are places you can’t escape, where you are by definition vulnerable, which is perfect for a horror story. I didn’t want this to be a depressing story though. It’s a supernatural mystery and a creature feature, so while I would love for people to reflect on the way we treat our elders, I want them to be entertained first and foremost.”

How to watch Blumhouse’s ‘The Manor’

Multiple streaming platforms have hosted Halloween-themed streaming events such as “Netflix and Chills” and Disney’s “Hallowstream.” And different streamers have implemented day-and-date releases. Blumhouse and Universal Pictures’ Halloween Kills will stream on Peacock, and Paramount+ will exclusively stream Paranormal Activity 7.

So where is The Manor streaming?

In addition to Welcome to the Blumhouse’s three other horror flicks, The Manor will stream on Amazon Prime Video on Oct. 8, 2021.

Blumhouse Productions is on a roll with new horror movies

Aside from Halloween Kills, Blumhouse Productions is producing a multitude of horror flicks, including The Forever Purge, The Black Phone, and 2022’s Halloween Ends. The production company is hitting the ground running with sequels and reboots, like its continuation of The Exorcist.

Similar to the Halloween sequel trilogy, Universal and Blumhouse partnered to produce The Exorcist sequel trilogy. The first film should premiere in 2023 and will reportedly continue from the 1973 story. The trilogy hasn’t started filming yet, and the companies haven’t released cast or plot details.

Since the genre has undergone drastic changes in style, film editing, and gore, horror fans think the new Exorcist could turn heads (pun intended). Until then, fans can enjoy Blumhouse’s Amazon Prime event through October 2021.

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