The Larkins: Ma Larkin actress Joanna Scanlan exposes surprising filming secret
7th November 2021

The Larkins reboot with Bradley Walsh begins on ITV

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The Larkins has been airing on ITV and the uplifting series brings the Darling Buds of May family back to life for the small screen. The show follows the Larkin family at their countryside home in Kent and they adore the simple things in life. Ma actress Joanna Scanlan revealed a filming secret that shocked the audience during a question and answer session.

The Larkins has provided fans with the perfect sense of escapism at the weekends and it continues to bring joy.

The family believes in traditional values such as respecting others and treating them as equals.

Other traditions in the Larkin household include putting on impressive spreads of food for guests.

Ma Larkin prides herself on her cooking and she is always prepared to rustle up a hearty meal.

During a question and answer session with host Richard Arnold, Scanlan opened up about the food on set.

The host asked whether the food was real, to which she responded: “Yes, yes of course.

“I think there was one pie that did have real pastry on the outside but didn’t have anything real in the middle that did get shifted around a couple of scenes.

“But nearly everything on that table was edible and delicious.

“And it was like going back into my grandmother’s kitchen, it was absolutely just a huge sense memory of what life was like with that kind of cuisine.

“And the time in the kitchen to be able to produce it as well.”

Host Arnold was shocked and could not believe the vast amount of food was real.

Bradley Walsh, who plays Pop Larkin in the series, said the amount of food on set was dangerous as he ended up putting on weight.

Commenting on gaining weight during filming, he said: “I had put on eight pounds in weight and that was with training.

“Jo [Scanlan] had cooked some food or brought some food to the table and I ended up having that for my lunch as well.

“I just stayed at the table eating it for my lunch. It’s a tricky old show, it really is.”

Scanlan went on to explain how the chemistry between Pop and Ma Larkin was fundamental.

She said: “Well those six kids didn’t come from nowhere. They are all over each other and they love each other.

“And they fancy each other. They have been together for however long but they still fancy each other.”

The unconditional love between the family members is what gives the series its uplifting feel.

The upcoming episode is the penultimate instalment for the first series and Ma is worried about her sister Bertha’s (Samantha Spiro) arrival.

Bertha and her family are city people who hate the thought of the countryside and being around animals.

Meanwhile the other residents are concerned about plans to develop part of the village.

The final episode of The Larkins will air on Sunday, November 14, with a Christmas special planned for December.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series, with Joanne saying: “Loving #thelarkins only started watching it today and I’m hooked. I was one of them ppl who thought no not for me but I admit it I was sooo wrong.” [Sic]

The Larkins airs on ITV on Sundays at 8pm.

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