‘The Innocent Man’ Trailer: Netflix Series Reopens Two Murder Investigations
3rd December 2018

Netflix has had some of its biggest surprise phenomena in the world of true crime documentaries. Now, with a new venture with legendary author John Grisham, they don’t appear to be letting up any time soon.

After a 2018 that saw Netflix release series like “Evil Genius” and the conclusion of the years-long saga of “The Staircase,” “The Innocent Man” examines the case that Grisham profiled in his 2006 nonfiction book of the same name. Both are a look at a pair of killings in the mid 1980s, both occurring in the town of Ada, Oklahoma.

Much like another Netflix crime series you may have heard of, “The Innocent Man” takes a closer view of the aftermath of the crimes, looking at how law enforcement officials arrived at their conclusions and arresting the young men they believed to be guilty of the abductions and killings. As a result, “The Innocent Man” also tracks the nearly two-decade long effort to prove that the two convicted suspects were wrongfully accused.

“The Innocent Man” is a six-part series from “Gleason” and “Finders Keepers” director Clay Tweel, who spoke with a number of individuals involved in the search for the truth and the years of uncertainty that followed in its wake. (Tweel’s latest film “Out of Omaha,” following two brothers growing up in the Nebraska city, premiered last month at DOC NYC.)

Those who covered the case, the family members affected by the outcome, and the members of the community who are still grappling with what these deaths mean for their city are all featured in “The Innocent Man” interviews. Grisham himself also appears as a participant in the series.

Watch the full trailer for “The Innocent Man” below:

“The Innocent Man” premieres December 14 on Netflix.

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