The Flash Stars, EP Talk Episode 100's Shocking Twist, What It Means for Nora
5th December 2018

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Tuesday’s The Flash.

Flash fans, we’ll give you a moment to digest that timey-wimey craziness. OK, time’s up, because we need to discuss the 100th episode’s “OMG!” ending.

Over the course of the milestone hour, Barry and Nora time-traveled to key moments from the show’s past, including an encounter that Season 2 Barry had with Season 1 Eobard Thawne when the scarlet speedster previously journeyed back for help. (Still with us?) Thawne immediately sensed Barry and Nora’s presence — but he wrongly guessed that she was his daughter Dawn after dropping some other comic book names (Jesse Chambers, Danica Williams, Libby Lawrence). “At least you still have one,” Thawne remarked. “Time travel is so weird.”

Meanwhile, in the present, Sherloque was growing suspicious of Nora and her time-language journal, which she claimed was just recollections of her dad that she didn’t want to forget if the timeline changed. Sherloque, however, had decoded a piece to say, “The timeline is malleable.” Nora took the journal and instructed Gideon to send “another data entry” to a mysterious recipient. Rather than having Gideon send a personal message along with it, Nora opted to deliver it herself, traveling to Iron Heights prison in 2049.

“We need to talk,” she said as Eobard Thawne (sporting Wells’ face and the Reverse-Flash suit) turned around and replied, “Yes, we do.” Nora and her father’s biggest enemy — whom she just learned killed Barry’s mother — are in cahoots?! Say it ain’t so!

“She’s working with him because, in the future, her mother isn’t telling her any information,” executive producer Todd Helbing reveals. “So she goes to him for very specific information, which then leads to them building a relationship that we’ll start to unpack with the second half of the season.”

As the storyline progresses, “you’ll definitely see more of that relationship — whatever weird, wacky relationship that is. That will all be explained,” Jessica Parker Kennedy, who plays Nora, promises. “I’m really interested to see if fans enjoy it or if they hate it, and how they feel about Nora, if they’re going to like her or not like her.”

Given that her new ally has a history for doing terrible things, and she herself hasn’t been entirely truthful with her parents, is Nora also not to be trusted? “I think her intentions are good intentions,” Helbing says. “Whether her working with Thawne is ultimately good or bad, you’ll have to tune in to see.” Adds Kennedy: “I think from her perspective, she’s doing the right thing.”

But Thawne is a master manipulator, and Nora can be sweetly naive, so we have to imagine that he could have a bad influence on Barry and Iris’ daughter. However, Helbing cautions that “the Thawne in the future, he’s not a different version, but he’s got a different attitude. You’ll find out exactly what’s going on in prison with him.”

In the meantime, Barry and Iris will remain in the dark about Nora’s unlikely partnership. “Iris hasn’t figured that out yet,” Candice Patton says, “so I’m as curious as everyone else at this point to see how that impacts our freshly repaired relationship.”

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