The Comey Rule release time: What time is the Donald Trump series out?
27th September 2021

The Comey Rule: Trailer for the drama series about Donald Trump

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The Comey Rule follows the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference during Donald Trump’s (played by Brendan Gleeson) 2016 Presidential campaign. Former director of the authorities, James Comey (Jeff Daniels) was fired from the FBI for his determination to crack the case and it is his book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, on which the mini-series is based. Here is everything you need to know about when the show will be available to watch.

What time is The Comey Rule being released?

It is almost a year to the day The Comey Rule was made available to watch in America, with the Showtime network airing the episodes.

The mini-series was split into two halves, with the two-parter being broadcast within mere hours of one another on consecutive nights.

Over in the UK, the series was made available on Sky Atlantic, however, it was turned into a four-part drama instead.

This meant an hour of action, including advertisement breaks, could be shown on-screen over the course of a few weeks.

Since its release, it has also been made available to Amazon Prime Video members and those with a NOW TV subscription.

Unfortunately in the UK, it has not been made available on any terrestrial or Freeview channels for viewers to watch.

However, with the episodes on multiple streaming platforms, this means they are there to be watched at any time.

Whether those at home want to watch the nail-biting instalments first thing in the morning or later in the evening, the episodes are at their disposal.

There has been no confirmation as to whether the episodes are going to be pulled from the networks anytime soon.

I was despondent about the idea

Billy Ray

When was The Comedy Rule originally supposed to air?

According to reports, The Comedy Rule wasn’t going to be broadcast until after the Presidential election in 2020, which Joe Biden won.

The drama was actually brought to screen in September of the same year and the writer behind the drama, Billy Ray, explained why.

Billy said of the decision to bring the air date forward: “I was despondent about the idea that this might air after the election.

“It was clearly made with the intention of talking about what had happened in 2016 in time for Americans to do something about it in 2020.”

“I think Showtime always knew that this show would attract a lot more attention before the election than after,” he added.

“And yes, I certainly did what I could do to try to nudge them towards reversing that decision,” Billy explained, wanting the drama to be released ahead of the election.

“But ultimately they reversed it on their own. These are not dumb people. They made the right business decision.

“I’m very grateful that they did,” the writer added in an interview with Collider.

Will there be a season two of The Comey Rule?

With the first season being a ratings success, some viewers are curious as to whether there will be another run of episodes.

Due to the fact the drama is based on real-life events, all documented in Comey’s book, is is unlikely there will be another season.

Showtime has confirmed there is no future for the series, with the two-parter being a one-off drama rather than prompting a seasonal comeback.

This may dismay fans but the episodes are still available to watch on all streaming platforms mentioned in this article.

The Comey Rule is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV.

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