The Chase viewers slam ‘painful’ final as players lose £13k ‘That was tough’
24th May 2022

The Chase: Anne Hegerty defeats players in final round

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ITV’s The Chase saw Soo, Dom, Nichola, and Will take on the Chaser Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty in a bid to win a life-changing sum of money. Throughout Tuesday’s episode, Anne was challenged by the competitors and tried to pick them off one by one. However, Soo and Nichola managed to get to the final chase, but viewers slammed their performance and branded it “tough” to watch.

The first contestant to take on The Governess was Soo, who managed to build £6,000 in her cash builder round.

Stepping up to the table and welcoming Soo to the show, Anne offered her a lower offer of £1,000 and a high offer of £24,000.

Turning to her teammates, both Nichola and Dom advised her to go with whatever she was comfortable with, however, Will was eager for her to take the higher offer.

Flying through the round, Soo managed to get back to her panel and teammates and secured her position for the final chase.

Up next was Dom, who built an impressive £8,000 during his cash builder and was tempted by Anne’s offer of £30,000.

He told Bradley that he previously told himself that he would always go for the middle offer but decided to take the bullet and pay for the higher offer.

Unfortunately for Dom, he was knocked out of the running after getting the first two questions wrong but thanked Bradley for having him on the show.

Nichola was the third contestant and came away from the cash builder round with £7,000, which surprised her.

She told Bradley that she would use the money for a “face-lift fund” that she would use in five years as she had fears her face would begin to drop.

Anne offered her a lower offer of £1,000 and a high offer of £37,000, which Will once again encouraged her to take but decided to stick with the £7,000 she had built.

She took smashed her way through the face to face round with Anne and made it back next to Soo for the final chase.

Last up was Will, who built £7,000 in the cash builder and decided to stick with that amount despite his advice to the other three contestants.

Despite his best efforts, he was caught by Anne and eliminated from the competition, which left Soo and Nichola to work together and win £13,000 between them.

They managed to get 16 steps ahead of Anne, and despite one successful pushback, The Governess caught them with just seven seconds to spare.

Viewers, however, were left disappointed at the final chase and slammed the painful answers from the two contestants.

@flookssake jibed: “That was painful to watch #TheChase.”

Clara Paignton commented: “They didn’t really stand a chance, they didn’t seem to know many of the answers #TheChase.”

@Raquel_88 added: “£13,000 is a big loss for two people! Feel sorry for them, but they didn’t really know a lot…”

“I mean… four chances at a pushback, and they only managed one? If they actually knew something, they probably could have won,” @MrTumson_02478 said.

Whilst @mamajaney praised: “I think they both did great! Despite not winning, at least they made it into the Final!” (sic)

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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