The Chase viewers distracted as two ‘fit’ contestants try their luck on ITV show
14th December 2022
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    ITV viewers were left delighted on the latest episode of The Chase after dubbing two contestants as “mega hotties.”

    As four new players lined up to take their chance against the chaser to win money for the prize pot, viewers at home were dealt a double dose of luck when players Amber and Anjali introruced themselves.

    First up was blonde bombshell Amber, who left fans gushing over her gorgeous smile.

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    One fan said: “Great eyes, that Amber has – her smile’s not bad either.”

    “Oooh hello Amber!” Gushed another.

    Next up was plater Anjali, who equally impressed viewers with her dark hair and edgy look.

    “Mmmm… Anjali is from the town of my birth as well!” said one viewer.

    “amber and anjali are fit as f**k and hilarious,” a second gushed.

    More agreed, penning: “#TheChase Anjali absolute stunner,” while a fan replied: ”Add Amber to that!”

    Amber successfully made it through to the final chase but Scottish babe Anjali wasn’t as lucky after she took the high offer of £40k against chaser Anne Hagerty, aka The Governess, but was sent packing after failing to stay ahead of the popular quiz master.

    Fans were sorry to see her go, penning: “That’s a shame. Seems a nice girl & went for the biggie.”

    A second agreed: “shame – she was a great player and beautiful to boot!”

    GP Peter successfully bagged £4k for the prize pot, with Amber landing a further £2k.

    Fourth player Lesley took the £5k she earned in her rapid fire round to take on chaser Anne and stunned viewers when she made a swipe at her.

    When Lesley was asked a question about the last person to be tried for witchcraft in 1947, Anne began detailing her answer with some historical facts, before Lesley asked: “Did you know her Anne?” making a cheeky dig at the quizzers age.

    Lesley successfully beat Anne and took another £5k back to the table alongside her three remaining teammates.

    The trio had a brutal round in the final chase having only answered 13 questions correctly, with Bradley telling them they’ll need several push backs if they have any hopes of beating the chaser.

    Unfortunately for the team mates, Anne was on top form and caught up with the pair with 43 seconds to go, despite having three pushbacks but only answering one of them correctly.

    The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm


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