The Chase fans complain about ‘unfair’ ITV show rule as player takes low offer
19th September 2023
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    The Chase fans are slamming a player for sponging off her teammates’ success after she accepted a shockingly low amount of money from the chaser.

    Players Gavin, Meera Katie and Dave all joined host Bradley Walsh for another episode of the popular ITV gameshow.

    Player Dave bagged £5k in his cash builder round but was unable to fend off chaser Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and was sent home with nothing.

    Player Katie soon brought home £4k for her team before 22-year-old consultant Meera from Illford finally had her turn against the chaser.

    After a shocking cash builder round, she only managed to answer one question right, taking over £1k to the table.

    Paul Sinha offered her the choice of playing for her winnings, playing for the higher offer of £55k or taking a far less riskier move and playing for just £100.

    Fans were stunned as she chose the £100, meaning she would split all winnings with the rest of her team having only brought back a small amount.

    “£100 and wants to take her parents to Sri Lanka, sponging of the other players. Shame there’s not a vote off,” blasted one fan.

    Another penned: “Meera seems very chuffed with herself for making the final Chase after taking the low offer of just £100,” while a third added: "Imagine going on the chase only to take the low offer of £100….. embarrassing behaviour."

    To make matters worse, player Gavin managed to bag a whopping £86k for the bank, meaning she would be entitled to a third of the £90,100 winnings.

    Fans immediately demanded there be a rule change.

    “There should be some twist added to #thechase were the rest of the team or the high offer takers get to decide/vote wether the low offer takers get an equal share or just what they've earned or even nothing. Like a Golden Balls type twist at the end,” one fan suggested.

    Another agreed: “There should be a vote or something she does not deserve to take home a third of that amazing jackpot!!”

    The final chase was tense but after a series of lost opportunities to push back the chaser and someone answering out of turn, the team lost their money just just one second to spare.

    “Gutted for Gavin but, glad Meera didn't win £30k. She didn't deserve it. #thechase,” one fan blasted.

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