The Cabins viewers shocked as Corben admits he's 'partial' to being wee-d on after getting drunk and vomiting in bed
13th January 2021

THE Cabins viewers were left shocked as Corben admitted he's "partial" to being wee-d on before getting drunk and vomiting in bed.

New additions Corben and Rhys made an impression on viewers last night after a very boozy first date.

Things got off to a good start after the boys put on a kitchen disco.

However, it quickly went south when Corben was put to bed – and proceeded to vomit all over it.

He of course apologised profusely for the embarrassing moment the next day.

Rhys gracefully decided to look past it and the pair had a nice cuppa on the balcony while they asked each other "intimate" questions.

Sitting on the balcony, Corben asked what sort of foreplay Rhys was into, he was shocked when his date said he didn't like getting peed on.

Instead, Corben replied: "I'm partial to it."

Viewers were shocked by the admission, with one person saying: "he’s partial to getting peed on… WHATDIDHESAYYYY #TheCabins"

Another added: "I don’t think people “come around” when it comes to trying water sports. It’s either yes or no #TheCabins"

A third remarked: "#TheCabins it's okay for a guy to say to another guy he doesn't like being pissed on surely?"

Despite the sexual incompatibility and the vomiting in the bed, Rhys and Corben – and little puppy Gigi – decided to give it another go.

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