The Apprentice star shuts down fans after lookalike appears on Naked Attraction
13th November 2020

The Apprentice star Ryan-Mark Parsons has shut down fans who thought he appeared on Tuesday night’s Naked Attraction.

Sorry guys, it wasn’t him.

The contestant, Brian, who did bear a slight resemblance to Ryan-Mark, enlisted the help of host Anna Richardson to help him pick a date on his mission to eventually lose his virginity. 

However, during the episode, viewers couldn’t help but comment on how much Brian looked like the entrepreneur.

Taking to Twitter one viewer tweeted: ‘Brilliant!!! I’ve been crying all night at this.’

While another said: ‘Body double all posh people have them.’

One added: ‘I knew he looked familiar.’

Brian then psyched himself up and returned slightly more confident, telling the women: ‘Let’s crack on. 

‘Thank you for your patience ladies. I just needed a moment. This is the first time I have seen a vagina up close. They’re all different shapes, all different sizes.’ 

He added: ‘It is overwhelming in a good way perhaps I needed this. I just need to let it sink in a bit.’ 

After whittling down the contestants, Brian picked a date with Georgie despite the fact she’s not his usual type. 

‘He seems so sweet and so cute and innocent. I definitely want to blow his trumpet,’ Georgie teased.

Following their date, things weren’t looking too hopeful for the pair as Georgie pretty much ghosted him. 

Naked Attraction returns next Tuesday on Channel 4.

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