Temptation Island reboot trailer revealed
5th December 2018

The return of Temptation Island has a trailer, and it’s full of tropical locations, body shots, hot tub hookups, and tears.

USA Network’s version of Fox’s tawdry 2001 guilty pleasure classic introduces four couples “at a most vulnerable time in their relationship, where each will decide whether to commit to a lifetime together – or ultimately give in to the temptation.” The couples travel to a Maui resort where they join 24 single men and women who are anxiously awaiting to find “the one” and then the inevitable feeding frenzy commences. 

“Did we make the right decision coming here?” wonders one clueless participant. “I have no idea.”

Still, it will be interesting to see how audiences react to the show in the age of the somewhat similar, and far more salacious, Love Island, which has become a hit of sorts thanks to its seasons taking off on Hulu.

Temptation Island premieres Tuesday, Jan. 15.

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