Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd shares never-before-seen hospital footage of herself giving birth to newborn son Ace
3rd July 2021

TEEN Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd shared never-before-seen hospital footage of herself giving birth to newborn son Ace.

The 28-year-old gave fans a personal look at her hospital stay in a new YouTube vlog.

In the 25-minute video, Cheyenne admitted she was “nervous” to become a mother of two.

The MTV star already shares four-year-old daughter Ryder with ex Cory Wharton.

After she gave a tour of Ace’s nursery, Cheyenne and fiancé Zach Davis headed to the hospital for the Teen Mom OG star to get induced.

Once they arrived at the hospital. Cheyenne was put on Pitocin to quicken the labor.

Throughout the clip, Cheyenne practiced her breathing exercise and goofed around with her family as the group waited for Ace’s arrival.

As her active labor began, Cheyenne told Zach: “I wish I would stop shaking.”

She then admitted she was in pain and couldn’t feel the epidural.

The video later cut to Cheyenne giving birth, which was live streamed to her friends and family members.

Once Ace emerged, the Teen Mom OG star reached down to hold her baby boy for the first time.

Ace cried as Cheyenne happily giggled while meeting her son.

After Ace was cleaned up, Zach was allowed to cut the newborn’s umbilical cord.

The MTV star proclaimed that her son is “so cute,” while her family members agreed.

A shirtless Zach was later documented cradling Ace, as he assured his son: “Daddy’s here.”

The new father later told Cheyenne that he’s “very happy and content” as he bonded with Ace.

After Cheyenne enjoyed sushi for the first time since becoming pregnant, the TV personality explained that she and Ace were still in the hospital as they waited to take three more tests before their discharge.

While the mother of two waited after Ace's birth to reveal her son's face, Cheyenne has proudly showed off her son on social media in recent weeks.

Cheyenne shared a sweet photo with her followers in late June of her holding her baby boy to commemorate him turning one month old.

She captured the photo while sitting in his nursery with the caption: "Happy one month."

The MTV star welcomed her second child in late May, saying that her life is now “complete.”

More recently, Cheyenne took to YouTube to share with fans the sweet and emotional moment when Ryder was able to meet her baby brother.

It kicked off when Cheyenne and Zach arrived home from the hospital with their little one, as Ryder and her cousin, Baaz, eagerly wait by the front door.

Ryder jumped with excitement as her baby brother got closer, until she was finally able to look at him as Cheyenne's held him.

The toddler gently patted his head as the family headed inside of the house.

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