Tayshia Adams denies she was trying to start drama among the men on The Bachelorette
28th November 2020

Tayshia Adams knows what she wants on The Bachelorette. She knows she wants to put herself first.

And she wants to find love, even if it means dating Clare Crawley’s ex-boyfriends.

However, she reportedly told the producers that she wasn’t sure if she would find a fiance. She told them that she would be happy if she left the show with a boyfriend.

During Tuesday’s episode, the guys started to question whether Tayshia was putting some of the guys up against one another for the sake of drama.

Tayshia Adams set the record straight about drama on The Bachelorette

Like so many before Tayshia, she was on the show for one reason – to find a partner. She doesn’t have time for drama, as she told them.

So, when Tayshia was accused of putting some of the guys in interesting situations so they could compete for her and cause drama within the group, she was quick to shut it down.

In the middle of the rose ceremony, Noah took her aside and told her that some of the guys had questioned her intentions, saying that she may have been trying to give Noah an advantage to the point where it would cause drama.

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Tayshia gave Noah a rose after a group date he wasn’t a part of.

Tayshia walked right into the rose ceremony, stopped it, and told them not to question her decision. She made some harsh cuts Tuesday night after Noah’s comments.

Tayshia Adams is supposedly not engaged after The Bachelorette

We don’t know all the details about what will happen in Tayshia’s season. We know that she didn’t research her guys prior to coming on the show. If she had, she may have realized that Noah was a bit of a bad boy.

But we do know that just because she didn’t do her research doesn’t mean that Tayshia is there to have fun and not care about the process.

While she has revealed that she wasn’t sure about getting engaged, she does want a relationship. But we know that Tayshia’s relationship after The Bachelorette is rocky.

Reality Steve has reported that Tayshia picks Zac at the end, but the two are not engaged. And he questions that they will make it in the long run.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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