Susanna Reid left ‘discombobulated’ as GMB loses social distancing for first time in nearly 2 years
18th October 2021

SUSANNA Reid admitted she was "discombobulated" today as Good Morning Britain scrapped its social distancing rules for the first time in nearly two years.

Viewers had grown used to seeing the hosts sitting two metres apart, with clever camera trickery making them appear closer together.

Occasionally this led to comical gaffes, like last week when Richard Madeley disappeared from view as he reached down to pick up his pen.

But now the presenters can sit side by side once again as they did before the pandemic.

Richard said: "My arms are not disappearing into cyber space. We are actually literally setting next to each other again for the first time in two years."

Susanna said: "It's actually is quite a bit discombobulating.

"We've loosened the social distancing on this programme, so we are sitting a little closer together. We no longer have that weird graphic line between us."

She joked that Richard, who recently received his booster jab, needed to wear less aftershave now he was nearer to her.

Last week Britain recorded its highest daily coronavirus infection rate for three months.

Speaking today, Dr Hilary Jones told how the highest rate was among the 12-15-year-old age group, with only 14 per cent having had a vaccine shot.

Hilary, who said there was a "big job to be done", also added that people seem to have forgotten there's a pandemic.

Some viewers were surprised that GMB loosened rules with cases till so high.

One wrote on Twitter: "What public health message are you sending to your viewers!!! @ITV this is appalling!"

Another said: "why are you discussing the seriousness of Covid on the day you have dropped your presenter social distancing, giving an impression everything is good & dandy? Double standards?? Very confusing!"

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