Susanna Reid forced to apologise after phone goes off on air
19th October 2022

GMB: Susanna Reid apologises as phone goes off on air

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Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid was joined by her co-star Richard Madeley on Wednesday morning to discuss the latest news headlines. However, Susanna was caught in an awkward blunder live on the air after the camera panned back to them in the studio, and a video played on her phone, forcing her to apologise for the mistake.

After looking at what was to come from the rest of the show, the camera panned back into the studio where her phone was sitting on the table.

She began:” Good Morning Britain out, expecting to show inflation hit around 10 percent last month, in fact, they are just out.”

However, as she began to speak, she was drowned out by a video being played on her phone with Richard giving her a concerned look.

Continuing on with the show, Susanna added: “10.1 percent.”

Not being able to ignore the video playing on his colleague’s phone, Richard teased: “Getting it on your phone.”

Feeling embarrassed about the incident, she picked up her phone and shoved it under the table, exclaiming: “Sorry! I’ll just turn that off!”

Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed Susanna scramble to put her phone aside and turn the volume down, taking to Twitter to discuss the mistake.

Good Morning Britain viewer @djrustynail joked: “Suzanne was clearly watching BBC or Sky News on her phone. #gmb.”

Simon Kelly commented: “Susanna being on her phone whilst on-air clearly shows how unbothered she is to be there!”

Justin Lambana added: “Susanna’s little scuffle to get her phone away reminds me of a school pupil trying not to get it confiscated.”

Samantha Kingsly said: “I do that all that time at work to Susanna! I hear footsteps coming down the hall and desperately shove my phone in my bag!”

@KaysMays laughed: “Susanna scrambling to turn her phone down gave me the giggles! I have done that once or twice.” (sic)

This wasn’t the first time that a Good Morning Britain presenter had been caught browsing on their phone whilst on air.

In October 2020, Kate Garraway was also forced to apologise after admitting she had “broken the rules”.

Sat alongside Charlotte Hawkins, the pair had been discussing the latest lockdown rules in London which had been imposed by the Government,

Wanting to know more information, Kate picked up her phone and began to do her own research whilst still presenting.

She was left mortified at the mistake and burst into a fit of giggles before apologising to the viewers at home.

“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed.

Moving on from the incident, Kate swiftly informed viewers what they could expect to see from the rest of the show.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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