Susanna Reid details sacrifices she made for BBC Breakfast ‘I’d hand over to their dad’
8th March 2022

Susanna Reid tells Loose Women the sacrifices made for her kids

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Susanna Reid co-hosted BBC Breakfast from 2003 until 2014 alongside Bill Turnbull and Charlie Stayt. Since then, the 51-year-old became of the lead presenters on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Susanna co-hosted with Piers Morgan up until his sudden exit in March 2021, and she still sits beside her other co-stars Ben Shephard, Ranvir Singh and Kate Garraway.

However, in a recent appearance on Loose Women, Susanna opened up about her time on BBC Breakfast.

She went on to admit she had to make a lot of sacrifices for the job when she had her children.

Host Gloria Hunniford began: “BBC Breakfast moved to Manchester all those years back.

“How many trains did you do a day just to be with your children.”

“Two,” Susanna replied. “Of course, I would go up in the evening before, so I’d sort of get the 7.20pm train from London up to Manchester.

“I would stay overnight, do BBC Breakfast in the studios there and then I’d get the 10 o’clock train back home to London.

“So that I would be able to have a nap while they were at school and then when they came home from school I would be there.

“I’d be able to cook them tea, talk about homework and then hand over to their dad and get the train back again.”

“That’s dedication,” Gloria commented as Susanna replied: “You know what? I’ve always thought I am so lucky that I do a job…an amazing job that I have.

“Being in live television I think is the best fun you can have, and it is a time of day when they were mostly asleep.

“So, they don’t really notice that I am not there and as long as I am there at the end of the day when they come out of school that’s always been really important to me.”

“How is it now they’re a bit older well?” Christine Lampard went on to ask. “Have they a real sense of what you do and who you are on the tele?”

“Yes, I mean they don’t take it that seriously, Christine,” Susanna joked. “The way you describe it I think. Yes absolutely.

“No, they notice me on TikTok. That’s the thing with teenagers and I, myself is obsessed with TikTok.

“So, if we have a moment that is on TikTok then that is very noticeable, otherwise they are completely unphased by it and I think that is exactly right.”

Elsewhere in the segment, the panel spoke about coming together to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Susanna branded working with her female GMB co-stars as a “sisterhood”.

She added: “I’m really lucky to work with some incredible women on Good Morning Britain, Ranvir Singh, Charlotte Hawkins and the amazing Kate Garraway, who I think is one of the inspirational women that a lot of people have looked to.

 “We’ve all navigated our way through the pandemic, but nobody with such a tricky home life as Kate with poor Derek, with the way he is affected.

“She is absolutely incredible, how she’s carried on coming to work and being a great mum and a great partner to her amazing husband.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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