Sunday Brunch viewers left ‘uneasy’ over guest habit
12th February 2023

Sunday Brunch: Guest chef slurps down bowl of Ramen

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Ivan Orkin rose to fame with his food becoming viral in 2017 after he starred in Netflix’s Chef’s Table series. He had since gone on to curate a menu that showcases his signature dishes served in his internationally acclaimed ramen shops in Japan and New York. He joined Sunday Brunch presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer to discuss his pop but fans were left annoyed by his “must do” ramen habit.

Cooking the ramen, Ivan explained: “Westerners, whether you are in America or if you are in the UK, slurping is called gross and it’s impolite.

“But, slurping ramen is quite polite and proper because you want to get it in your mouth, close your lips and chew rather than biting it off.

“And then spitting back into your plate which seems to be the habit of people.”

Jordan Banjo turned to his co-star Perrie Kiely and teased: “He is like a labrador with a bowl of water over here!

“I’m like calm down!”

TellyVsPodcasts commented: “This slurping is nasty #SundayBrunch.”

@Itt39354118 admitted: “I couldn’t sit with someone who slurps their food #sundaybrunch.”

Jackie Jones fumed: “No I cannot. You are on national TV and your slurping your food… it’s disgusting and rude.”

Chris Wirral agreed: “I actually feel a bit uneasy with this guys slurping… I know he says it’s normal to do it with ramen but maybe not at 10am on a Sunday morning.”

@johnSIMO99 said: “To all those who have a hangover this morning and have to deal with this geezer slurping, I feel for you. Turn the microphones down!”

@Mr.Ortiz added: “In all my years eating Japanese food and ramen on a daily basis have I EVER heard that it is a necessity to slurp them. Just rude to do that with food.” (sic)

However, not all viewers were left annoyed with the loud slurping, as Johnnie Maynes explained: “As much as it is annoying.

“He is correct about the slurping being polite and a way to get the ramen in quickly so you can savour the flavour. Maybe just turn the mics down next time boys!” (sic)

Last week, viewers were left underwhelmed and let down by the guest line-up for the Channel 4 brunch show.

It saw actor Mark Stanley, comedian Maisie Adam, actor Charlie Brooks, TV writer Phil Rosenthal, actor Rochenda Sandall, wildlife presenter Gordon Buchanan, singer Tom Grennan and chef Tom Kerridge sampling dishes made by the cooks.

However, despite a lengthy line-up of actors and entertainers, some fans were disappointed by the people and the interviews.

Several viewers took to social media to say they “didn’t know” who most of the guests were, with some going as far as “changing the channel”.

Line of Duty star Rochenda and partner Mark Stanley, who is currently starring in BBC’s Happy Valley, also detailed their upcoming projects.

Additionally, wildlife expert and filmmaker Gordon talked about his sell-out tour last year.

Gordon also explained he would be going back on tour and detailed some run-ins he’s faced with elephants and bears.

Sunday Brunch airs Sunday from 9:30am on Channel 4.

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