‘Stop talking about yourself’ Meghan’s podcast blasted by Wootton
9th November 2022

Dan Wootton shuts down GB News guest

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Meghan Markle has been releasing episodes of her Spotify podcast Archetypes for months and in the latest instalment of her show, she interviewed her friends Mellody Hobson, chairwoman of Starbucks, and make-up artist Victoria Jackson about “pushy” women. American journalist Megyn Kelly ripped into the Duchess of Sussex’s claims with Dan Wootton on his GB News show. The pair dissected the podcast, and told Meghan to “stop talking about yourself”. 

Dan began the interview by telling GB News viewers the Duchess has “given another masterclass in victimisation disguised as a podcast”. 

Within the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan claimed “strong-minded women” are branded “difficult” because it is a codeword for b***h. 

The American, who is married to Prince Harry, also said that while “not everyone is going to like you, the goal can be for them to respect you”. 

Dan invited American broadcaster Megyn Kelly to debate Meghan’s latest podcast claims. 

Megyn claimed: “I wouldn’t necessarily call her the b-word but I would definitely call her the c-word – clueless. 

“She’s utterly clueless and I am so sick of her off-point irrelevant musings about her non-problems.”

The broadcaster reminded Dan more than 100,000 homeless people are living in the State of California where Meghan resides and the homicide rate “has reached an all-time high”. 

 “And we are supposed to give a damn if someone is calling [Meghan] the b-word or difficult?” Megyn fumed. “We don’t, she doesn’t get it. No one gives a damn about these non-problems.

“She should stop complaining and start showing some gratitude for what appears to be a very beautiful life of which she finds nothing to celebrate.” 

Continuing her rant, Megyn said: “We don’t care. Shut up! Stop talking about yourself and show some humility and gratitude.”

Dan said: “Who is listening to this podcast? I forced myself over the first couple of weeks as I felt it was important to listen to the whole thing but I can’t be bothered anymore. 

“I think very soon Spotify is going to regret its massive investment,” Dan claimed to which Megyn replied: “I think this will be season one and done with this podcast.” 

Within the podcast episode, the Duchess said: “What these people are implying when they use that very charged word [b***h], is that this woman, ‘Oh, she’s difficult’.

“Which is really just a euphemism or is probably not even a euphemism., it’s really a code word for the b-word.”

The GB News debate divided viewers who took to Twitter to voice their opinions, with Pippa Shea penning: “Millions of listeners and her paying customers disagree.” 

Paul de Souza said: “If you don’t like her that much why are you listening to her and why are you giving her so much airtime considering you find her so abhorrent? The truth is you’re addicted to her, you need her more than she needs you.”

Mike added: “The Wootton/Kelly segment is always a highlight of the week. Another five minutes, at least, would be good, though!”

Alicia remarked: “@Megynkelly knows how to use her words! Love her!”

Charlotte Khumalo added: “@Megynkelly, stop using Meghan’s podcast to boost your flagging career. You don’t have to listen to her, notice that the only time you get a fraction of attention is when you bark at Meghan. Do the work and stop hijacking Meghan’s.” (sic) 

Dan Wootton Tonight airs on weeknights at 9pm on GB News. 

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