Spoilers: What is Denise's life-changing storyline in EastEnders?
7th September 2020

There’s been a lot of new ideas hinted at for different characters in EastEnders ahead of the shows return on September 7, and one person we’ve been guaranteed to have a big, dark storyline is Denise Fox (Diane Parish).

Denise has been through a lot since her arrival on the Square back in 2006: her ex-husband pretended she was dead, she survived the bus crash, and gave her son up for adoption when he was hours old. Just your standard life in Walford then!

As we prepare ourselves to catch up with the Walford residents and see how they’ve been coping in lockdown, we’ve gathered all theories on what’s ahead for Denise and the likelihood of each theory coming true:

What do we know so far?

Denise’s scenario will involve an accident of some sort, and will have the potential to be life changing for Denise and someone else in Albert Square. Thanks to Diane, we also know ‘dark things from her past will resurface’ – so with that, who has links to Denise’s past and currently lives on the Square?

Phil Mitchell

Viewers will know Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has a link to Denise’s past, in the form of being the father to her son after a drunken one-night stand.

Denise gave birth to Raymond in 2017 and put him up for adoption as soon as he was born. While this is a worthy theory, we are wondering just what accident will occur that means Denise finds herself with her son again? Maybe she finds herself in the company of the person who adopted Raymond? And they’ve decided they can no longer look after him?

Chances of this storyline happening: High

Who is Ellie Nixon?

It was announced recently that soul singer Mica Paris will be joining the team in September, playing to ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Ellie Nixon.

Executive Producer Jon Sen recently told us that Ellie’s arrival will tie in with Denise’s storyline, and said ‘those Trueman stories are amazing. Mica forms part of that story with Denise. Anybody who knows anything about her history will probably know where we’re going with that.’

Could this connection between these two be that Raymond is Ellie’s adopted son? Let’s not forget about the ‘accident’ set to happen, so the arrival of Ellie and potentially Denise’s son to the Square will be a dramatic repercussion of whatever this disaster may be…

Is her storyline linked to Shirley’s?

Linda Henry told Stacey Dooley in her interview in Secrets from the Square that Shirley Carter is also set to have a problem unfold soon, and even said that ‘the past comes back and bites Shirley on the bum’…two characters facing problems from their past seems all too coincidental doesn’t it?

We recently thought about the idea that Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) could possibly return to Albert Square to see Shirley, and this theory does also link well to Denise’s upcoming events, who was of course step-mum to Dean when she was with Kevin Wicks (Phil Daniels).

We love the thought of seeing Dean again and what his arrival could do to the Carters also, but why not go one step further, and see the return of Dean’s sister Carly (Kellie Shirley) too? We’ll see the return of two characters from both Denise and Shirley’s past, and would make for a dramatic watch with Dean being arrested for raping Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), and knowing very little about what Carly’s been up to since leaving the show!

Chances of Dean and Carly’s return: Medium

Kim’s return

Tameka Empson told us during Secrets from the Square that Kim Fox would return to the Square soon, and we’ve already been thinking about what her return story might entail. Kim will return from spending time in Scotland but what’s brought her back to E20? Is it possible she’s back to help Denise with this inevitable ‘life changing’ event? Or, plot twist…maybe Kim is part of this dark story? Kim’s ex-husband (or husband…who knows if he’s dead?) Vincent (Richard Blackwood) was usually the one in the couple that got himself involved in trouble, but how interesting would it be if Kim was the one who created this dilemma for Denise?

Chances of Kim being involved: Medium


2017 also saw Denise lose her job and experience poverty that saw her use foodbanks and survive on little to no money. Considering how salons, hairdressers and barbers have struggled in the real world during the pandemic, it may be the same with Denise and her business, Fox and Hair. She no doubt would’ve had to furlough her staff and close the salon during lockdown, which might leave her with limited money to her name during the difficult time.

This theory does work, but the only anomaly we have found in this is that Denise is living with Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and his children now, so if Denise has limited amount of money, would it really be an issue if she’s living with Jack?


Chances of this storyline happening: Low

What else could it be?

Let’s get this one out in the open, what if we saw the return of evil Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet)? Viewers with excellent memory will remember Lucas was sentenced to life imprisonment…but Lucas doesn’t necessarily have to return to Walford, does he?

We might see this accident occur which forces Denise to confront Lucas, or the accident may not involve him at all, and may involve Lucas’s son Jordan (Joivan Wade) or even Jordan’s son JJ, both of which Denise had a fairly close relationship with.

Whatever it may be, we’re really looking forward to seeing how the life changing challenge that Denise will be faced with will affect her and this other member of Walford in the long run…

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