Spoilers: The Tates plot to kill Graham in Emmerdale Christmas murder horror?
15th December 2019

Graham Foster’s (Andrew Scarborough) not long for Emmerdale, what with the character set to meet a grisly demise in the New Year, but — with him set to cause plenty of conflict for the Tate clan over the festive season — will Andrea (Anna Nightingale), Kim (Claire King) and Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) be the ones who end up putting an end to his life?

Ever since he discovered that Millie might be his child and not Jamie’s, Graham has wrestled over what to do for the best. However, following Kim’s attempt to sabotage his relationship with Rhona (Zoe Henry), he decided to exact revenge on her by revealing that Millie might not be her granddaughter.

Determined to keep her family together, Kim attempted to get Graham to leave the village, but he’s refused to do so, and has subsequently conducted a DNA test so he could find out once and for all if Millie’s his or not.

Graham receives the results of said tests in the coming episodes, and he wastes little time in reading the document — but what will it say? Meanwhile — in spite of the lengths she went to in order to prevent such a thing — Kim comes to realise what Graham’s up to, and she’s horrified as a result.

Graham’s got something of a grim intent as Christmas morning arrives, while Kim’s displeased to learn Graham’s purchased Millie a Christmas present, so she sets about returning to the gift to him — and while doing so, she reveals to him that she’s well aware of the DNA test he’s done.

Tensions are running high, and Graham’s later left left upset when he sets his sights upon Rhona, Leo and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) interacting — and he feels left out as a result.

Meanwhile, up at Home Farm, festivities get underway, but the happy atmosphere is soured as Graham storms in during the middle of Christmas dinner — leaving Andrea and Kim terrified that he’s going to blow the lid on the big secret.

As insults are thrown about — and revelations come to light — things reach boiling point in the manor.

The question is: with Graham set to meet a grisly end next month as part of a whodunit storyline, could the Tate clan be responsible for his impending demise?

It’s certainly a possibility, given that his actions on Christmas Day will no doubt cause conflict within the family, so any one of them could seek murderous revenge.

Kim’s got form, for sure, but Andrea’s life could be turned upside down should the full truth come to light, and with her losing everything being a possible outcome of the events of the festive season, she could possibly seek retribution.

Then, of course, there’s Jamie, who’ll no doubt be angry should he learn the truth about Millie. Regardless of who’s the daddy, he’ll no doubt be disgusted to discover that Graham and Andrea slept together — and that she kept it from him all this time.

Christmas dinner may be spoiled for the Tate clan, but could one of them — or all of them, for that matter — be about to serve up a helping of murder?

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