Spoilers: Nancy confronts Linda after choosing booze over family in EastEnders
11th April 2022

Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) has some harsh words for mum Linda (Kellie Bright) in tonight’s episode of EastEnders as her anger grows over Linda’s alcoholism.

Following Linda’s return, it didn’t take long for her family to discover she was back on the booze.

Getting drunk at Tina’s funeral, Linda’s awful behaviour continued at the wake, where she drunkenly made a fool of herself and Mick (Danny Dyer) in front of a crowd of people.

When Nancy enters, Linda is surprised to see her.

Too tired to make an effort, Nancy bluntly tells Linda her boyfriend lives here – of course she’d be at Sharon’s.

Keen to rebuild the relationship with her daughter, Linda wonders if Nancy would like to spend time with baby Annie.

Nancy can’t bring herself to be civil with Linda and questions why she’s even in Walford, pointing out she’s got no shame after the wake and funeral.

Is Linda right?

Has the Carter family changed forever?

Or can she fix things with Nancy?

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