Spider-Man Far From Home producer teases the TRUTH behind Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio
14th May 2019

The second trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home debuted last week, addressing Avengers Endgame spoilers. It’s clear that Peter Parker is seriously affected by the death of his mentor and father figure Tony Stark. But does this mean he’ll be looking for that in Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio? Certainly, the Spider-Man villain’s introduction as a hero is puzzling.

Mysterio has also told Nick Fury and Spider-Man that he is from another universe.

In the trailer Fury says: “Beck is from Earth, just not ours. The Snap tore a hole in our dimension.”

So what’s really going on here? In the comics, Quentin Beck is a master of deception and illusion.

In an interview with Empire, Gyllenhaal said: “Villain or hero, I don’t think that’s how you can define him.”


While Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal, who has worked on every live-action Spider-Man movie, teased: “The villain character always has to come from the story we want to tell about Peter first.”

Well, that’s intriguing, but just what could she mean by that?

What we do know is Peter is in desperate need of a new father figure and mentor after the death of Tony Stark, so presumably he’ll be looking for that in Mysterio.

After all, the supposed hero looks like a mixture between Iron Man and Thor as mentioned in the first trailer.

Spider-Man also has a history of getting too close to father figures who turn out to be villains.

Just look at Doctor Octopus and Lizard.

Knowing he’s a deceiver, our best bet is Mysterio isn’t from another universe and is also conjuring the Elementals himself through his specific effects wizardry.

Spider-Man Far From Home is released in UK cinemas on July 2, 2019.

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