Sort Your Life Out star makes BBC show return after cancer diagnosis
21st September 2023

Sort Your Life Out star Dilly Carter has appeared back on Stacey Solomon’s BBC show after revealing she was diagnosed with cancer during the filming last year.

Dilly took to social media to reveal her absence from last week’s episode, Thursday 14 September and revealed it was because she had received a devastating cancer diagnosis and was undergoing major surgery.

Dilly shared with her followers back in April that she had been diagnosed with stage one cancer of the womb, but is now doing well following treatment.

Dilly appeared back to her usual antics on the latest episode where they headed to Nottingham to help out a family of six who needed their home de-cluttering.

Stacey Solomon, Dilly and the team removed everything from the family house and laid it all out in a giant warehouse for them to decide what they wanted to keep, give away and throw away.

After another success story on the show, fans were left feeling emotional as one wrote: “Crying happy tears all the way through @StaceySolomon’s Sort your Life Out (as usual)”, while another said: “Sort Your Life Out is ripping my heart out.”.

Following last week’s episode, Dilly shared an update and said it was “bittersweet” to watch the show when she hadn't been able to be there in person.

She explained: " Although it's bittersweet for me and reminds me of how poorly I was and how much pain I was in when this episode was filmed.

"I had just come out of hospital following major surgery to remove the cancer and my entire reproductive system. I obviously could not film so was so grateful someone could step in. But I was also so sad to miss it! I can't believe how far I've come since December. It already seems like a lifetime ago already!"

In an update shared in August, she said: "It's over ……. No need for any bell ringing, it’s just over. All I've needed from all of this. Is for it to be done. And it is. Now to recover from the last ten months.

"Thank you all of you for being there. Your messages, love, support. So many people I’m indebted too. You won’t ever be forgotten!"

Sort Your Life Out was nominated for the first time in the Factual category at the NTA’s which Dilly attended with Stacey and the team, but they lost out to Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs.

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