Shock exit! Ben Mitchell hires an assassin to kill Billy in EastEnders

Kill Billy Mitchell? You’d be taking on the whole EastEnders fanbase, Ben! The actor, played by Max Bowden, has hired an assassin to deal with the well meaning club manager (Perry Fenwick) and it looks like he may end up dead.

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) had confided in Billy that Ben had been plotting to destroy Phil (Steve McFadden) by building up then destroying his empire as an act of revenge for how his life has gone over the years.

Billy was stunned and told Phil what he knew and while Ben tried to smooth things over with Billy, he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere. Billy defiantly told him that he needs to keep away from Lola and, feeling that he poses a risk to everything, Ben decided that he needs to be out of the picture – permanently.

He contacted a shady friend to deal with him and then casually struck up a conversation with Billy so that there could be no mistake as to who the intended victim is. Ben instructed the hitman to make the incident as ‘tragic’ as possible – so is this the end of poor Billy?

As Billy heads out on a job for Phil the next day, the assassin is in hot pursuit but when Billy hears that Will is along for the ride, his expression darkens. Apparently he would go very far to stop his secrets being exposed – but not as far as endangering a child’s life.

As Ben rushes to try and stop things from going devastatingly wrong, will he be too late and will the Mitchell clan be hit with a double tragedy?

Or will he stop the hitman just in time but finally expose himself and his true colours in the process?

Ben has a difficult choice to make – with lives very literally on the line…

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